Looking for high-ranking players' collections of Mythron Wanderer decks


I seem to recall a while back seeing at least one of the bigger players posting several tested Mythron Wanderer lists. But I can’t seem to find it, and was wondering if anyone’s got some really killer lists to throw down.


A couple of them are on here

I am not home right now but Ryivrath and Improbable Blob have albums with some wanderer decks and Trials of Mythron launch tournament has decklist played which has bunch of them. If you can find them still let me know when I get home i will put together a list.


Just pick a general with a minion bbs. It’s not that hard.


https://imgur.com/a/nIWcKRs here you go, not all are optemised, and won’t be updated for a bit as I am busy, but they are pretty good


Could I ask why 2 flash in Ragnora but 1 DFS in Lil?


I don’t rate the lilithe highroll as highly as the ragnora one due to the tempo loss you take, so I went for avoiding the brick instead.


I just recently updated all my lists I have played in tournament/top-s, including the Mythron lists. You can find them all here https://imgur.com/a/lI7dDfS

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions etc :slight_smile:


An S-Rank player posting a massive collection of high-tier decks? Is this the second coming of DeathsAdvocate? Has Christmas come seven months early? Are you Santa?

Thank you tons, I’m going to have to play around with at least a couple of these.


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