Looking for help to run Amateur Melee Tournaments


Hello, I’m LEL7 and I run Amateur Melee tournaments on Saturdays that start at 3pm PDT. I do prep at 2pm PDT and oversee the tournament until it ends. I might not be able to continue doing Amateur Melee every Saturday every week, but I would like to keep it going every week, and this is possible by your help! Future Amateur Melee tournaments may not necessarily be needed to be on Saturdays at 3pm PDT, if we can work out a schedule that works. If you would like to help run Amateur Melee, please get in touch with me through forum messaging or on Discord, I’m LEL7 #7839 there.

This is a link to a past Amateur Melee tournament :

Note that it is not possible to be a participant and run the tournament at the same time.




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