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Looking for good decks

I didn’t play for few months and im back, have 18k spirit and want to main Songhai.
Didn’t know anything about new expansion, so I’m looking for top decks for songhai, can be even expensive. Will be gratefull for any top rank decks.

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Forgot to ask yet, is there any new good cards from new expansion for songhai? Or decks depended on it? Ofc i’m waiting for other suggestions with builds. I’m curious about other options.

Obv Bamboozle

On principle alone, really. Anything with a name that good deserves at least one slot.

I want to promote my own stuff.

Tadam! Spellhai returns:

Or I have even more cheesy version with mantra being a finisher.

PLEASE don’t recommend mantra to him. There’s plenty of other competitive decks for him to build.

I play arcanyst shidai and midrange kaleos

what’s wrong with mantra?

You don’t wanna know


Mantra decks are strong, but generally looked down upon by the community due to their ability to make the game unfun for the opponent (has tons of control that builds up to an OTK combo)

so mantra is playable, OP so, player hate it?

They hate it cause it’s F U N A N D I N T E R A C T I V E.

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but for opponents xD?

I’m just looking for every playable songhai deck, will test every or few. So still waiting for more suggestions :slight_smile:

Mantra just plays with itself until it either wins or loses. Not very interesting to play against and its ability to win out of nowhere can feel a bit unfair at times.

Top tier Songhai decks that I have seen lately: Shidai Mantra, Reva Burn (Geomancer, Eightgate, Cryptographer, Lantern Fox, Bloodbound Mentor) and different variations of Kaleos Midrange. Seems like there’s a bit of Songhai for everybody right now

I’ve also seen solo reva/shidai decks do well in diamond (probably because they counter most of my decks though). Can’t actually vouch for its viability.

What was wrong with Vanarcanyst, Kron-everywhere, Kinetigers, Baconators, original Creep etc ? :wink:

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And more consistent than ever before fam.

Edit:placeholder, Decks soonTM

Kaleos Protocol Midrange

Reva Protocol Midrange

Shidai Firestorm Control/Combo

Bacon Memes


Oh man, that’s awesome. it copies buffs too right?

Correct, that’s the basis for the old Tusk Boar + Meld combo decks.

Edit: Updated post above with current decklists.

Jogda’s IV 8 Gates:

My Kaleos Midrange Combo/Burn:

(This deck is actually pretty solid, but Magmar is really holding 8GS back right now as you instantly lose to Saurian Finality. Almost all other matchups are pretty good.)