Looking for friends


The name of topic says it all. I’m a returned newbie player and I think I need someone to ask questions and to spectate. Any volunteers?

Hope someone will hear my call - call for allies!


What kind of decks are you playing :smile:


idk. Really, mostly starters and one Ranged Songhai deck.


As someone who has few people on friendlist I’m quite open on adding some people who’s active and not toxic. I mainly run classic abyssian lategame, ranged lyonar and maybe structure zirix.


I don’t mind an apprentice (@galaxydueler was a failure anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

I play All and every type of Vetruvian from OTK to Golem Zirix. I also play Songhai, mostly CrankyHai, some Spellhai and some ArcaHai, I also play Healyonar and a bit of Argeon Golyonar.

My IGN is the same as my forum name.


You can add me, ign same as my username on here, I’m pretty good at that game so feel free to ask me anything :smile:


Feel free to add me if you’d like. I tend to play assorted garbage.


thanks phayze


I’ll help you if you like

I like to play some vetruvian, occasional gimmick vanar, and arcanhai.

My IGN is the same as here, I’d be happy to help


same here, feel free to add me. name is deekester


Feel free to add me too:)


Owlington in game. Ignore everyone else in this thread, im the only pro you need


Pffff pro? Don’t see you in the dpl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got banned from ryv officially cause i was shaping the meta, now i battle underground :smile:


just like me IRL


:kissing_heart: I kid, I kid…everyone is fantastic here…


Is it because he hasnt gotten a ribbbon for vetruvian yet?

Btw my IGN is the same as my forum name


Just reached diamond with a ranged Songhai with no crafting done.

Feel free to add!

Btw it’s so hard afterwards…


Feel free to add me too!

I play vet and sometimes lyonar :smile:


Ranged Lyonar? That’s interesting. Can you share the decklist? I’m also interested in non-meta decks.


By the way here’s my current deck. Built it from my frustration with my Vetruvian main late, and made it towards diamond.

It’s something more or less like the list. Give or take Inner Focus.

It’s not perfect, but statistically it ain’t bad.
Usually just try to get your minions around the four corners and the aggro people will be dealt with.

Welcome any questions tho.
I don’t even put shroud in. No dispel. Fun thing to experiment with.