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The aim of this post here is to look for help in using some of the newer cards. While there are cards, which I’ve found a place to use and already had fun with, there are also some cards, which seem playable, but I still wonder where to use them.

As a reference, I’ve been playing lots of arcanysts before it became mainstream) Also, I prefer control Hai, ArcaHai, Swarm Lilithe, control Cass and Healyonar playstyles, but play a bit of everything except full aggro if I have appropriate cards.

So, I present a following list and ask a question:

What kind of deck the following cards are useful in?

1)Songhai Joseki.

A meme card itself and produces card disadvatage in a faction with already problematic draw. Is it possible to overcome this disadvantage by stealing opponent cards? If yes, then how?

2)Songhai SparowHawk.

I tried to include this one in classic owlbeast arcanyst deck. It also seemed to me, that it could be a good substitute for lantern fox, since lantern most of the time provides only one fire, and sometimes zero, while spell from sparrowhawk is guaranteed if you have arcanysts on board. I was wrong however, since lantern is a more of a pain in the ass to the opponent and often demands a dispel or removal, which sparrowhawk doesn’t. Also it can be tricky to stick arcanyst to board before using Sparrow - the problem which doesn’t concern lantern.

What am I doing wrong?))

3)Lyonar Gold Vitriol

I was overexcited about this card at first, but then it appeared that I just can’t fit it in any of my existing decks, since any other purity card seems to outperform this. The main problem that this card doesn’t leave a body to heal. Maybe some crazy control oriented healyonar with sterope can use this effectively by wiping the opponents board completely and starting to damage general?

4)Vanar Iceshatter gauntlet.

Is this card just trash, or does it have its uses?
BTW, I haven’t tested it all, but maybe someone knows. Does stunned minion counterattack if you attack with this equipped?

5)Neutral Feralu

Tried this in Vet agressive golem build and found it too costly to prefer summoning this to other golems buffing potentional sirocco. Am I wrong? What kind of deck could be home for this? Is it decent at all?

That’s all for now. Looking forward to your ideas!


Feralu has been pretty useful in my get golden builds. He buffs dervish spawns out of general range and is devastating after a sirocco. Havnt tried the others though


I’ve heard that the stunned minion does not counterattack if you hit him with iceshatter. Otherwise, the word instantly would be completely useless for the card text…


Talking about that, what if you equip iceshatter with winterblade? It could be interesting if it instagib every minion it hits.

Topic-wise, Gold Vitrol can see play with a ranged lyonar setup with healthy provokes to halt out.


I believe, it won’t. It says “attack” the stunned minion, not “damage”.

EDIT. Oops, confused with coldbiter. Yeah, definitely should be tested in some artifact vanar build.


I tested with both iceshatter gauntlet and winterblade equipped. you can kill any minion you attack but you take the counter damage before iceshatter procs.


I have an ice shatter deck, it’s very underwhelming. If there were more mass freeze effects it would be more useful, but the artifact is only a combo card, and you can only put so many cards in your deck that combo. It’s perfect hard removal for big bodies, but why put a combo in for that when you have aspect of the fox


Something like this?


Play Joseki. Only include memes. Send your opponent Serpenti. You win even if you lose.


3 divine bond is too much. I’d change cannons as their stats are way below usual and too suspectible towards multiple pings and perhaps add more avengers if needed. Holy immo should be there as well for the value


Agreed. Too bad I don’t have enough avengers :confused:

After some testing I’d probably add some dispel for all those flash juggernauts roaming around)


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