Looking for any improvements I can make to my mid range shadow creep deck


Here is the deck

The spectral blade is my flex card that I change up depending on what I vs. Not sure if blood siren or jaxi is better. Normally i’d say jaxi but the siren + zen’rui lategame combo so good.


Spectral revenants are awesome. They make a good alternative to novas when your opponent is playing around it


Brainstorming it - blade ,- 1x pony, - 1x primus/healing mystic , -1x blood siren, + 2x dancing blades, +2x shiros
Blades is abhgie tempo swing for any mid range deck
Shiros help your minions trade up and most importantly turn 1 shiro into turn 2 shadow sister is pretty much game unless they wanna waste a hard removal/resources on Killing your sister cos a single shiro buff makes her unstealable by zenrui