Looking for advice on Wallnar decklists


Hey folks! This patch, using the prismatic cards that were given as compensation for old players, I decided I’d go and invest some dust in Wallnar (2xWinter’s Wake, 2xWhite Asp and 3xGravity Well). I’ve been messing around with this cards today and they’re really fun, but, so far, only one of the decks I’ve came up with seems to be Ladder-worthy, and it’s more a hybrid of Vespyr and Wall shenanigans then a pure Wall Vanar. I’d really like to see some Wallnar decklists to use as inspiration and any advice of other appreciators of the archetype is more than welcome! Thx for your time!

Library of archetypes?[WIP]

Throw in a Lady Locke, it’s great when you bust out a bunch of 4/4 Provoking Walls that can attack, or the ones that can Stun.


I’ve never even thought about that synergy, and it actually sounds quite good… I’ll definitely try that!


Yep, I like it, though since I don’t have that many good cards I’m not sure how best to supplement the deck. Please let us know how it goes if you come up with a decent, or even just plain goofy deck lol


try abjucator. since all walls are from spells, it just makes sense


Taken from Manaranks


Seems interesting… maybe I should throw some Owlbeasts and Alcuins too?


Those are the successful decks I’ve came up with… not quite great, but decent enough. I’m riding a win streak with the second on mid-silver right now.
PS: I don’t have a second Lady Locke yet, so I’m running a single Frostburn in place


Cool deck gotta try it!