Looking for a good Songhai build to play on Ladder


I have played basically 0 games of Songhai on ladder and I’ve always been interested in the faction and am thinking of getting into them, but they feel pretty far removed from what I normally play (Mag and Vet) so I was wondering if anyone has any good ladder lists (preferably not the otk stuff) they wouldn’t mind sharing that I can use in order to sort of learn the faction and their techniques (once I’m comfortable and I have a good grasp of what I’m doing than i’ll start to make changes/build my own stuff).

I’ve looked around different decklists and stuff but most of what is out there decklist wise is simply the otk songhai baconator nonsense; thanks in advance if you have any suggestions!


Hey, started yesterday to play this faction but totally fall in love, I can suggest to build an arcanyst deck, http://i.imgur.com/nGGebTw.png , here a budget list, or something more aggressive, flexible and also budget, http://i.imgur.com/p9fGeAx.png , just to start.
If you have insted a good pool card you can check manaranks http://managlow.com/manaranks/ladder/09-07-2016/ with the tops decklist of the meta.


Dok is right, I’d recommend Arcanyst, ton of fun and it’s a bit more similar to Magmar in that you do establish a fair bit of board control.


Thanks for the suggestions! I have an almost complete set, but I think i might check out the budget lists anyway that could be an interesting way to get started within the faction, sort of learn the basics from scratch if you will!