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Looking for a couple kick butt Lyonar decks to get to gold/diamond


Hey gang, I was wondering if anyone could help me build a really whoop arse Lyonar deck. Something that will be able to power into and through Gold division. I am not really on a budget so feel free to go nuts. I am sort of tired of Magmar Wanderer as my only bread and butter.


Play Healyonar. Don’t have a decklist, but you should be able to find one by asking around.

EDIT: Here’s a control Healyonar list I found on Duelyst Central.

Here’s a more aggroy version of the archetype.


If you really want to be a special snowflake though, you may try @deathsadvocate 's Owlbeast punch list. I guess you know where his master thread is. It’s hard to play, tbh, but I tried it, and it’s very good even if still a bit inconsistent. A usual problem of such decks, but this inconsistency is minimal in his list.

It’s called Black Magic under Argeon tab.


This isn’t a serious deck but I’ve been having decent success. Won 10 out of 14 games with it. Went something like 7 wins from 9 games from rank 12 Silver to Gold and went 3 wins from 5 games in Gold so far.

But you’ll probably want to go Healyonar for a more consistent, well tested and known to be good deck.


No Sunstrike?




It’s been mentioned already, but yeah, tempo Ziran is strong right now. I would advocate for using an Alabaster Titan deck if you can afford it.


#1 This is the Heal version that I’ve been playing and enjoying:

It has fewer spells in favor of more tempo to capitalize on the board-centric healing. Sanctify rounds out those 4 & 5 mana turns to go Lancer + Sanctify (on an existing minion) or Riser + Sanctify. Skorn is anti-swarm & Artifact tech & a guaranteed heal target. Repulsor Beast gets blockers out of the way and backline snowballers into punching distance (amazing). Sellsoul is heavy tempo and anti-dispel tech that also doubles as a source of self-harm against control and combo decks. You win by trading over time and pulling nasty tricks starting around turn 4.

#2 Here’s my classic Brome Zoo:

Flood the board, buff them with Warblade, Surgeforger, Congregation and Glaives to win on turn 4. If you haven’t won then, you’ve almost certainly lost the match. Fealty lets you reload to a full hand and BBS, Replicant and Legion let you extend for long enough to win.

#3 And finally, my recent Tempo Golem build:

Like Zoo, this is almost an ambush-style deck but with way more mid-range staying power. You get impressive power coupled with a bunch of combo and control tools. If your tempo stalls, there’s Breacher and EMP to turn the tide.



I have not messed with lyonar for well over a month so they may be a bit dated, but they should at least give you a good shell. I am currently going through looking for meta updates. The decks should still be well constructed and hold their own they may just not have perfect tech anymore. For example at the time Walls were fairly common so EMP was a must, I still dont want to cut it, but these days Paragon is feeling pretty important for wanderer.

Edit: Have done a few updates.


I got to gold using this lyonar deck (although it is probably not optimal).


Don’t sell your self short. Its very optimal for its budget. Its a very good base to upgrade from.


Here’s my version of Aggro Argeon


Thank you! Receiving a compliment like that gives me a glimmer of hope of reaching diamond next season!!


If you need something cheaper, look here:

Reaching Gold is more a question of skill than deck. Improving positioning skills and what cards to play around will carry you very far.


Not all the healyonar runs it, you can do just fine without :smiley:


Magesworn reeeeeeeeeeeeee


I once came across this dude playing this really cool artifact lyonar variant.
I’ve been meaning to find out the deck, but I don’t think I friended him back then lol.


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