LOOK MAH! I made an Animated card!


Hey folks! So, I made some artwork for the December card design contest (which is optional), that being the case I wanted to share my pixel art. So without further ado, here it is, hope you like it!

  • This image will be updated as I continue to work on it.
Card Artwork, huzzah!

P.s. card design is subject to change.


Is it going to get an Idle animation? :slight_smile:


Really looks good, you did a bice job. But the walking isn’t smooth :confused: Is it intended, as it is heavy?


Yeah, I wanted a sense of weight to the walk, but I’ll still be working on it. I just felt like this was at a shareable state.


This is a good skin for visionar or kolossus.
If this was polished up, I’d definitely sink in 2k spirit just to craft this as a card skin.


I definitely want to add more states to it, but the main goal was the walk for practice.


Oh, okay! Again, that’s some awesome work, really like it.


Thanks dewize! :smiley: I’m glad.


Haha, no prob dude :slight_smile:


It somehow reminds me of Power Rangers megazord, and I started hearing the main theme in my head :grin:


Great Moves! Keep it up! Proud of you! :smiley:
The art and actions just need to refined and smoother and you’ll be looking at a beauty!


Made some shading changes and added more animated bits.


dude this is looking fantastic, love it. keep up the amazing work.


Nice artwork there. I do think you need some more frames for that head, but this is quite amazing already. Here’s hoping for a fight animation.


Hmm, not sure what happened to the head (it was a bit smoother), photoshop derps sometimes when I’m editing. Thanks for the heads up! If I can survive finals week here in college I’ll see about that fight animation :disappointed_relieved:.


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