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Longest Gauntlet game EVER (ran out of cards!)


In case you haven’t seen a gauntlet game last longer than cards in the deck:


Game could have ended w/ a MECHAZ0R if it wasn’t for the opponent having an EMP at the RIGHT TIME!!!

But apparently EMP doesn’t dispel the AWSOME bloodbound condition granted by Grandmaster Variax as it should!! (bug?)

Anyway, anything that could have happened, happened in this game…

Enjoy => https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-L-cifNz8-cl8siMeLSX


dispel doesnt remove normal BBS so why should it remove the AWESOME BBS?
have you ever seen anyone dispel a geomancer changed BBS? no
its not a bug. your opponent cant dispel your BBS no matter how it changes


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