Long time lurker, Going to try and be more active


Hi everyone,

Been lurking on the forum for a few months now, and in the last month was here daily for the rumours on the new expansion. I will potentially start being more active.

I main Vetruvian, even though when I started they had just been nerfed (started just after the BBS inclusion patch). So needless to say I’m definitely enjoying the new expansion!!!

I’m not a fantastic player by any means. Got to rank 15ish first month and then rank 11 last month. Was one win away from rank 10 and I went on a 9 game losing streak. Was fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, if anyone is up for a random friendly game or what not feel free to add me on Duelyst.



Hi Psyrus, welcome! I have also been lurking for quite some time, and finally joined the discussions a few days ago.
Added you in game, my name should be the same as shown in forum. I’m jumping onto the Vetruvian bandwagon as Shim’zar gave so many good stuff to Vetruvian. Guess we could play a few Vetruv mirror matches soon.