Login Issues 8-6-18


Anyone else having trouble logging in?
Yesterday nothing was registering correctly and there was a long pause before getting credit for matches, along with “unexpected snag” when matches were over. Today I can’t even get past the floating healer.

Logging in through Windows 10 Steam Client.


I got no problems logging in, but I’m logging on through browser.


I cant log in on steam, or in the browser


Same here, having some issues with logging in (both on browser and standalone client).

@stormshade @WorksAtBandai?


Last resort Just flag the top post under something else. It worked for the snag issue.


To get their attention?


Thats what I did. (Not here under snag issue)

And it worked! For me there was no more snagging too! Fast


I can login now. Is anyone else having the login issue anymore?


Guys, with all due respect, without active CM you should definitely use BN site for bug reports.


You should always use the ticket system, but I am here. If anyone else is still having issues logging in I’ll look into it some more, but it sounds as though the issue may have already resolved.

Mentioning me works wonders BTW, as I get an e-mail notification when you do that. :slight_smile:



I didn’t do any of the flagging/ticket stuff because I was double checking it wasn’t on my side first… but everyone stepped up and now we’re able to duelyst each other again.


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