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Living on the edge, my goodbye-ish deck


Sooooo, lately I’m finding less and less time to play dooli, due to the wife+kid+another incoming kid+new job combo that left me at 1 hp (yeah I’m an old nerd for your usual standard I guess) and I wanted to say my goodbye-ish for now to duelyst sharing a deck no one ever asked for, and probably no one will ever care for, just cause I find it fun to play…

The deck plays basically like your normal burn faie, but with a twist, involving proper positioning, jedi mind tricks and luck…

The key cards that makes it different from your usual burn faie are mesmerize,spines, avalanche and glacial fissure and those are what make the deck fun to play.

Mesmerize helps you positioning the enemy for a fissure,avalanche,warbird, to put it near a spine (if you really need it) or just to make spaces to hit general in the face or remove a provoke minion.

Spines are amazing on p2t1 and can help you surround the enemy later on. You can also use sisters to put a minion inside them to do 6 dmg or to put one in the face of a general for 3 dmg. You should and can obviously use them to lure the enemy into avalanches and fissures. I kinda have a love/hate relationship with the card though, since it can be situational at times.

You already know avalanches and fissures. At first i thought I needed the dredger to be able to cast avalanches, but I have to say I managed to play more often than i thought, and when you play it, it really hurts.

Now a bit of strategy…

As player one I always replace spines, and try to get crypto+mentor possibly, skorn and jammers are good in most cases and so are sisters.

As player 2 the deck is always more fun cause you have 2 amazing plays, spines on the central tile and diagonally next one of the 2 mana tiles. Really p2 spines is awesome since the opponent either sacrifices his 2 mana drop minion (most likely, there are not much 4 hp minions, celebrant and pulverizer aside i guess) or avoid the mana ramp, plus it’s unlikely that he manages to get on the best tile in the world, the central one.

The other is obviously fissure, since on p1t2 very often you have the general and their t1 minion on the central tile, so that’s one less minon and 8 less hp for the general…If I have both spines and fissure in my starting hand I prefer spines most of the times cause it gives you more board control.

In the starting turns, in general you want to replace mesmerize (unless you have mentor or jammer in hand, that card is good for trades or to fissure, but can leave you without cards), spines, and depending on the matchup enfeeble and luminous charge.

Then you always try to stay near the central column, and obviously, you either want your opponent in the central column, or on your starting side to fissure and/or avalanche (I still didn’t manage to do it, but the dream is fissure+mesmerize+sunglass emote+avalanche).

Other than that you have your usual burn stuff to make the enemy hp reach 0.

Well, and that’s it I guess, it’s not that i ever wrote a guide or anything, if anyone found this useful I’m more than happy, and feel free to ask questions.

Atm I’m on rank 1 with it, but i reckon I could reach S easily if I could afford some more games before month end…

Some replay to see how the deck works (some may include the dredger version)

https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LQ_AXnKIbiSRaNuT4av (vs ebon ox)
https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LQZakEHv0qEXqHxhvqT (vs mech starhorn)
https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LSPAMpV0V6wKftO-bls (vs wanderer lili)
https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LRm6iDl5Tf2y8sTDFZB (double fissure of death vs aggro rag)
https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LSP52VYKnSh2uDZevlM (vs wanderer rag)


I’m surprised this isn’t a “I’m saying goodbye to duelyst…so here’s anothwer dewete megmer thread,” type dealio.


I’m not surprised you are surprised my little groupie .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_smiling_eyes:


What the hell is this?


A sign of love for you


But how? You are an avid magmar hater which I ridicule you for. Unless…

Melkorita was only ripping on magmar (get it) to make magmar stronger. He was a dirty magmar main this whole time!


Kids these days… ^^


I added the deck to the wiki :slight_smile:


I can totally relate to your situation and feels of being at 1 hp heh. Keep the Dooly spirit even if you move on, and remember to glhf! And pay a visit to us here sometimes :slight_smile:


Congratulation for the new arrival in the family!!
It’s a shame that we just got to know each other in the forum and you’re now saying that you have to leave Dooly… But well, life’s got an important call for you, so I wish you all the best and hopefully we’ll catch up again.
Ciao @melkorita :slight_smile: !


Can’t say that Burn Faie is a nice farewell present, though :joy:


@miguelosz @atheistmantis thanks guys! well i have plenty of time to waste on the train or waiting for the bus, so i’ll keep checking the forums, it’s the time to play that i will lack for sure :sob:

@alplod it’s a goodbye, not a farewell! :wink:
And trust me, there are few things in dooli as satisfing as a board clear with avalanche or a glacial fissure on general+wanderer :smiley:


Idk somehow getting Fissure’d/Avalanche’d feels more fair than losing to the typical infinite Warborbs :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it takes more setup for sure :wink:


i fissured a wander rag the other day for him to add me after the game and call me a “gay cunt”

felt so good


That’s the way to deal with that filthy scum!


Update: today I worked from home and managed to play dooli to rank S instead of wasting my time on train and bus, the joy :tada:

I even won the match that got me to S with a double avalanche, that felt so right.


Grats! Looks like a fun deck and a frustrating one for your opponent :wink:


Thanks! Well it is indeed fun to play.

I have to say it started as memeish just to lolfissure or lolavalanche the enemy, but then i realized it was competitive aswell.

There was basically no matchup where i thought from the start “ok this will be impossible to win”. On the last handful of matches i had a close match vs galeru playing titan argeon (left him at 1 hp) and the last match that was worth the rank up was vs starkly playing burnhorn. So i’d say i’m pretty satisfied from the deck as it can do ok even vs the most common meta decks


Having a blast with the deck @melkorita. the mind games man. fissured an opponent once and he was deliberating to move from the middle or not. they stayed. fissured them again uwu