Live the Meme, Die the Meme


Abyssian is in a great place right now from what I can see. With a powerful new legendary and two incredibly viable strategies in creep and swarm, I can see a great future for this class.

However, I’m not here to talk about the meta. I’m here to talk about memes. So, instead of playing swarm, let’s try to get a huge wraithling.

This is my take on meme Abyssian, which I saw on here a few days ago. Instead of swarming the board, this list relies on having a single wraithling to start stacking buffs on. I’m testing this around ranks 7/6, and it’s doing incredibly (It’s 4-0 out of its last four games) and is tons of fun to play.

Of course, this is just using cards I have. A few cards I’d want to put in include a single Spectral Revenant, a playset of the new Grandmaster, and maybe one or two Deathfire Crescendo.

I hope you guys like this list, and I’d always love to hear ways to improve it!


Okay but… what’s the biggest wraithling you’ve gotten so far?


18/18 when I was testing against a friend. No, he didn’t let it get big on purpose, but he did concede right away. 10/10’s are super common, and I’ve gotten 14/14’s on ladder.


You definitely need DFC. It’s p easy to DFC a wraithling to under 20, if you Baroness it’ll OTK a LOT. The setup required is difficult against intelligent opponents, but it works.


Would you recommend I open for Grandmaster or make DFC first?


If you want the deck to be more viable, try for Grandmaster. If you truly want to Live the meme, go for DFC. Also, Bloodmoon Priestess is great for stalling until you can get a big enough Wraightling.

(Take everything I say with I grain of salt; I crafted over ten legendaries just for memes)


10 legends just for memes? You are my hero.

I ended up replacing Shadow Reflection with DFC, and am hoping to open Grandmaster soon so I can have the best of both worlds. However, if I put Grandmaster in I’ll probably need to put in cost reduction too. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


DFC is still pretty good in the meta Variax deck, since it makes the Aggro Magmar matchup a lot easier.


Memes are the real reason we were given more cards! Lol! If you have Spelljammer, give it a home in your deck. You want all the draw you can get when making big combos. Other than that, keep on dreamin’ and keep on memein’.


Make it even memeyer and include void steal (jk it’s actually a very good but underrated card)


I would go DFC since it’s usually used as an alternate win condition in Variax decks anyways (at least in mine) and if you wanna make a deck for just deathwatch or wraithling synergy DFC is incredible there too. If you can develop the board, DFC is one of the best cards in the game.

The best way to play swarm is to swarm with your first two turns (Zyx, Gloomchaser, Cryptographer, etc) and then try to get a Bloodmoon out. Once you get a Bloodmoon and suicide your minions to kill theirs, you can DFC to win the game next turn even if they take care of your Bloodmoon, especially if you have something like Baroness in hand.


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