List of Sentinel Interactions


Okay, I was skeptical at first, but sentinels are pretty cool overall. A certain class’ Sentinels are a bit too much (cough Vanar cough) but it’s nice to have some of this shenanigans. However, they do not follow traditional priority sequences, giving some weird interactions, so lets get started!

  • If you eat the first Freeblade (in Sentinel form) by summoning order with Dagona, Dagona will eat the sentinel, the sentinel THEN transforms while removed from play, making Dagona disappear. If you have multiple Freeblade-Sentinels on board and eat the first one, Dagona will warp out of bounds, then disappears. If you eat the 2nd or 3rd summoned Freeblade, Dagona just multi-warps as expected (courtesy of T2K5).

  • Certain Opening Gambit effects are mistimed. Maw and Bloodtear Alchemist have their damage happen before the transformation, thus causing the Sentinel to trigger, live and not take damage. However, the other Opening Gambits deal damage in their respective place and on the triggered Sentinel (again, courtesy of T2K5).

    • Lavaslasher kills the Sentinel and takes damage, but Freeblade still flips up from nothing and is perfectly healthy.
  • Mirage Master has the weirdest thing. If Mirage Master copies a Watchful Sentinel, it will copy the full Sentinel, meaning that it’s a 3/3 and triggers. However, if you Mirage Master a Sentinel that triggers on summon, Mirage Master will copy the full Sentinel (3/3 Watchful with trigger) AND will not take damage or change position from the targeted Sentinel. However, the Abyssian Sentinel that triggers on minion summon will give you a discounted Mirage Master. Mind = Blown.

  • So, I’ll try my best at this. The way the Minion Sentinel work is the following in regards of Token Generation after them dying: Enemy Minion attacks > Token is generated > Sentinel triggers > Sentinel dies.

  • If an attack (with lethal damage) spawns a minion and is made against a sentinel that transforms on minion entry, the Sentinel will trigger and stay at full health. (@longshot405)

  • If an opponent uses White Asp on your Sentinel that turns into Bounded Tormentor, a Blazing Spine is left on the space occupied by the Sentinel and you get a discounted copy of a Blazing Spine. (@renedave)

  • If an enemy Dioltas trades with your Sentinel that triggers on Minion Summon, the Dioltas will leave the Tombstone, which will trigger the Sentinel, which activates its effect and then dies.

  • Using Dominate Will on a Watchful Sentinel which triggers on Spells will result on you triggering the effect of the Sentinel and lose 7 mana, since you will not take over the minion.

  • Most Spells will resolve AFTER the minion triggers. So if you Phoenix Fire a Sentinel which triggers with Spells, it will activate, and then take the respective damage.

  • Circle of Life doesn’t know how it works and it’ll sometimes hit the Sentinel BEFORE transforming, killing the minion before transforming.

  • Natural Selection will still kill the Sentinel it is targeting, even if triggers and it’s attack is no longer the lowest on the field. (This is due to the spell not checking twice after the transformation happens. (@remoab)

  • Plasma Storm will not kill Sentinels that trigger on spells and no longer have less than 3 attack.

  • Ritual Banishing will not kill the Sentinel if it has been trigger by the spell. (@oranos)

  • For those using Lucent Beam: Units who heal with an Opening Gambit will heal a Sentinel, even if triggered by the summoning of said unit, allowing to hit for 4 with the spell. However, if you use Zi’rans BBS or a healing spell on a Spell Sentinel, the Sentinel will transform first, which will end up in you not healing it, and thus not being able to hit for 4. (@excogitator)

  • Consuming Rebirth a Watchful Sentinel will result in it being resurrected as a 4/4 with no trigger.

  • Using Chromatic Cold on an Oni (Songhai’s Spell trigger Sentinel) will result in one of two outcomes: Oni not giving you Chromatic Cold and ending up dispelled and taking 2 damage OR Oni giving you Chromatic Cold and end up dispelled and taking 2 damage. (@longshot405, @reignzu)

  • Playing Superior Mirage on Moonlight Basilisk will summon three 2/2 copies of it while the original transforms into a 5/5. It appears that the sentinel flips, then the spell resolves, and then the sentinel’s ability activates in this case. (@excogitator)

  • Using Lasting Judgement on a Moonlight Basylysk will result in it triggering, buffing it but then dying as a 5/2. (@baharoth)

  • Using a Circle of Desiccation while there are two enemy uncovered Moonlight Basilisks on board, will result in both Basilisks revealing themselves as usual. However, one of them stays alive as a 5/5 and the other one is destroyed. (@Veritis & @overcharge)

  • Silencing Watchful Sentinels doesn’t work.

  • Sometimes, attacking with your General against a Sentinel which triggers on General attack will result on the General attack occurring before the transformation, resulting on the Sentinel either dying if below 3 healt, or staying at full health (@psycho1000)

  • If you use Keeper with Sentinels, be aware of the following: if the Sentinel dies without being triggered, you will not get a minion back off of Keeper. However, if it dies after being triggered, you will receive the triggered Sentinel.

  • Apparently, if a Sentinel which triggers when a Minion is summoned is stationed in the same row as the Lavastorm Obelysk, the Sentinel will trigger due to the dervish spawn, and not receive damage from the Lavastorm obelysk ( From F8Ds stream -PS: There’s no real way to explain clearly, so sorry for using your content like this >_<).

  • If you Sandswirl Reader a Watchful Sentinel, it will return to the owners hand as a Watchful sentinel and if replayed, it will not have it’s original effect. However, if Sandswirl Reader’s effect is used on a Sentinel that triggers on minion summon, the opponent will receive a Non-Effect Watchful Sentinel AND the Sentinels triggered form will still activate and stay on board.

  • If you have two Songhai Sentinels which trigger on minion summon, and the opponent Blood of Airs one of them (this may be by order of summon), one of them will trigger killing the summoned dervish and then, the Sentinel that was supposed to be transformed into a Dervish, triggers and leaves the triggered Sentinel on that space. (@psycho1000)

Anyways, this are all the interaction found by some of Discord’s inhabitants and with the glorious help of T2k5. I will try to keep the post up with new popping interactions, and if I missed some, feel free to post them.

Is this fair? (sentinel again)
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cough Moonlit Basilisk cough

Nice info, thank you.


Really helpful list, thanks for creating this thread! :grin:

That dominate will bug tho… will Superior Mirage have a similar affect on Sentinels?


If you natural select a sentinel that becomes a moonlit basilisk and there’s a minion with 3 or 4 attack on the field, even if the basilisk becomes 5 attack after being triggered by natural selection, it is still destroyed.


Some of these things seem like bugs that should be patched out


If we go by the logic followed by spells so far, if the Sentinel is triggered by Superior Image, it should give you three copies of the Triggered Sentinel. However, if it doesn’t activate, it would give you tokens that do nothing.


this one is a weird one but it makes sense, just follow me a bit. So, if you Natural Selection, it means that the condition to remove said minion has already been confirmed, and if we follow the sequence (action of activating spell > Trigger Sentinel > Spell affects triggered minion), then the “destroy” part of the spell still happens, since it doesnt check twice.

If you want a visualization of this, I’d recommend seeing the interaction of Shadow Word: Death and Spellbender in Hearthstone, which is basically the same.

I’ll add this to the post though, good catch.


ritual banishment doesnt work on spell sentinels. destroy a wraithling, target the sentinel. the sentinel transforms and is left untouched. (he used TWO ritual banishments to kill one minion)technically 3


Healing a damaged enemy spell sentinel does not cause Lucent beam to deal 4 damage


If an opponent uses White Asp on your Sentinel that turns into Bounded Tormentor, a Blazing Spine is left on the space occupied by the Sentinel and you get a discounted copy of a Blazing Spine.


If an attack (with lethal damage) spawns a minion and is made against a sentinel that transforms on minion entry, the damage will be negated.

Example: A buffed Drake Dowager attacks an untransformed Bound Tormentor for 4 damage. The Drake spawned by Dowager transforms the Tormentor and the Tormentor takes 0 damage.


Spell sentinel seem simple but complicated af.
I think it still should trigger sentinel first, whatever the spell effect is.
Sentinel is usually just a reveal effect.
Keyword below Sentinel then should be applied after the spell effect.
I.e. : Spell activated > Sentinel reveal form > spell effect , dispel, removal > minion effect.
Same with other summon and general atk sentinel type.


Well, there’s a bit of logic. But sadly it is not intentional. As far as i could understand the watchful sentinels are tokens, and they act like so. When an effect triggers the real sentinel minions, it is summoned on top of the token.
Duelyst was already a game with some weird interactions, because some effects resolves “all at the same time”, where you would expect a logical sequence of effects resolving.
MTG has the “stack of effects” system, where the last effect triggered must be the first to resolve. Sadly, Duelyst refused to implement any kind of effect resolving algorithm, in my opinion.
Even if it has to be a different algorithm, it must work as expected. But those here are some strange interactions.
The game mechanics clearly need some more consistency, i hope CPG is thinking about that :slight_smile:


Chromatic Cold on a Mind-Cage Oni will transform it, but deal damage and dispel it BEFORE it puts a copy of Chromatic Cold into your hand.

The inconsistency here is freaking killing me.


I am just biding my time until this gets straightened out. Or at least until it all gets explained satisfactorily.


Tell me about it. The fact that it’s not really obvious is the whole reason behind this block of a post ;_;


Just found another one, one game later.

Emphemeral Shroud will not dispel an untransformed minion. My Mizuchi still transformed when the enemy general attacked even after being dispelled.

Edit: my b, didn’t see you already had it on the list.


ah, nah, that one is actually intentional. When it was announced, we were told that Sentinels during the time they are a Token, they cannot be dispelled to avoid them being weak. It’s not clear in-game still, but it’s still noted somewhere up there.


This. THIS. i’m confused while playing Oni.
Sometimes i got enemy’s Chrom card, sometimes not.
What exactly must happen?
What i expected is like this :
If the token’s tile got dispeled, it trigger Sentinel effect to reveal Oni, then Chrom effect trigger before Oni’s, because Chrom targetted the token’s tile before, which is now reveal to Oni. Oni then take 2 damage and dispeled. In which in that order, it suppossed to not giving me Chtomatic Cold copy.



Wait, wait. So if the opponent Chromatic Colds the Oni, it sometimes give you the card? If so, does that mean that after Chromatic Cold happens, your Oni ends up damaged by 2, and not dispelled?