List of Sentinel Interactions


It ended up got dispeled.
The order reversed. Oni’s effect which copy spell > after that got CC’ed > Oni’s got dispeled and take 2 damage.
Sometimes work like that which at the end giving me a CC copy in my action bar. But sometimes not.

I’m super confused right now.


my mind is blown by this, I swear. How does one manage to have Spells randomly sequence before or after their effects NotLikeThis. Oh well, onto the list. Thanks for the heads up.


To be fair, in my game I only had a sample size of two. Both Onis I played were hit with Chromatic Colds while untransformed. Both of them had the same result though: Transformed, dealt 2 damage, dispelled, and no copy of CC in my hand.


I saw the weirdest thing ever.
I had a couple of hundred-handed rakushi, my opponent cast Blood of Air on one.
It gets transformed as a dervish, then the second sentinel is revealed and do 2 damage to the dervish.
After the dervish dies, the first sentinel is revealed and spawn in place of the dervish…
How? Why? It was sucessfully transformed!

I like sentinels, but the interactionsare a mess, so often it makes no sense.
Hope it will be sorted by CPG.


Whaaat… :joy:
Sometimes there is inconsistency between spell effect should target the token or should directly target the real form.

Edit : and i think it’s not the Sentinel card fault. Because perhaps Sentinel works as it supposed to be. The one who error is the previous cards. In example CC and Blood of Air. They supposed to target 1 enemy minion. Where exactly sentinel is a two in one minion, the system error.


I know it’s wishful thinking, but I really hope the devs have a plan to address sentinel interactions. If they don’t, if at least like to know if this is all intentional (I hope not).

@ThanatosNoa, I understand it’s probably not your place, but would you happen to know anything about this? Even just having transparency about their effects would be nice.


These kinds of interactions are dangerous and need to be clear. Anyone who I’ve gotten to play this game who normally likes card games and decided to pass on this game did so for two reasons: Blue Conman/Blue Conjurer (excessive RNG) and inconsistent/unclear text (i.e. Mechaz0r, eggs, etc.).



I found another interaction that might be confusing: playing Superior Mirage on Moonlight Basilisk will summon three 2/2 copies of it while the original transforms into a 5/5. It appears that the sentinel flips, then the spell resolves, and then the sentinel’s ability activates in this case.


So far, sentinels have been evidence of one of Duelyst’s weakest game points: Unclear interactions


This may be obvious, but if your general attacks the general attack Vanar sentinel, the minion transforms then takes the damage as the sentinel form.


So from what you say, we can infer that a sentinel transform before the damage is done.
Except that when the ennemy general attacked my Songhai transform when general attacks sentinel which had 1hp left, it didn’t transform, it was killed…
I watched the replay just to be sure.

Thoses interactions are a mess I tell you, a huge mess.
Let’s hope CPG will clarify/fix this quickly.


I hope a hot fix is coming for a few of these, it’s really hard to understand what’s going on with Sentinels.

I like the idea very much, but the inner workings are obscure. After the fix, it would be great to have an “intended working” guide by CPG.


These interactions absolutely need to be fixed. Also, it makes no sense that sentinels cannot be dispelled when every other minion in the game can be. Consistency, please.


So some of these are bugs, some of these are by design.


Silencing Watchful Sentinels doesn’t work

By design - you cannot dispel a Watchful Sentinel to prevent it flipping (think of it like Tribals). Watchful Sentinels are still Sentinels - so the only way to prevent them from flipping/transforming is by not triggering them, or killing them. You can however, dispel everything else off the token as normal.

Bouncing Sentinels (Sandswirl Reader, Hailstone Prison, etc)

I believe the intended effect here is to return the actual card (Freeblade, Mind-Cage Oni, etc), not the 3/3 token

I don’t have a master list of bugs/intended interactions (I’m off today since it’s the weekend) but we do plan on making some bug fixes in the nearby future.

Keep this list rolling guys, it’s a great reference to see what needs explaining or fixing :stuck_out_tongue:


So I’m assuming that a detailed explanation of intended sentinel interactions will be arriving alongside a “balance” patch? Great if so!


Thank you, @ThanatosNoa. I appreciate your response and helpfulness. I look forward to only good things in the future!


Had another one yesterday. Used lasting judgement on a Sentinel that happened to be a Moonlight Basilisk and it killed. The Sentinel flipped, the Basilisk appeared for a short moment as a 5/2 and then died.


I think the +3/-3 applies first before +2/+2 which causes the moonlight basilysk dying. This is certainly a unique case since lasting judgement doesn’t deal damage, reducing health instead.


Same happend to me yesterday, wasn’t we playing together? :smiley:

Also i think it should not die like that, because the sentinel shall trigger first. And it actually shows as a 5/2. Even it is not direct damage, the added bonus to health counts as normal.


Relaying info from my friend @Veritis
P1 has 2 hidden Moonlit Basilysk on the board
P2 played Circle of Desiccation

The aftermath is:

  • Both sentinel revealed due a spell played by opponent.
  • One of them died, the other stayed alive as 5/5.

Now this is just plain odd.