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List of known bugs?


Since we’re pretty sure that this game isn’t being worked on, bugs probably won’t be fixed anytime soon either.

In that case, we should probably start listing known bugs here or in the wiki.

To start things off:

Scarzig - Gor
1. Suppose you have 2 Gors in your hand, and play one of them.
2. Your opponent plays Scarzig
3. Your Gor suicides into Scarzig. Scarzig transforms.
4. The second Gor in your hand will try to transform and disappear.

What other bugs do you guys know of?


Check some of @cloudfrog mech threads


Also DDoS Magmar that never got fixed.


yo waddup it’s been so long(taking a break from the game for now).
I think the wiki has a masterthread for the bugs and how to reproduce them.


Mind Cage Oni and Lure/Ritual Banishing (my arch memesis)


The mech bugs (deceptibot, silver) completely baffle me, so I’ll wait to see if someone else is willing to explain wtf is happening.


I remember an opponent casting superior mirage on a kraigon I had. I frenzied them all but they didn’t vanish (I think mirages vanish when attacked, not damaged, and that frenzy “attacks” all nearby enemies)


you “totally” won that one, right? lol


Technically that is working as intended. Frenzy: When attacking in melee range, simultaneously strike all other nearby enemies. Striking nearby enemies from frenzy does not count as attacking and only triggers “whenever this minion is damaged” abilities (Battle Pando, Nimbus and ect.) not “whenever this minion is attacked” abilities (Mirages, Erratic Raptor, E’xun and ect.).


well then the first one that was attacked should have been destroyed


One should get destroyed, yes, but the other two should survive.


Ah, the old lavaslasher treatment. It’s not “attacking”. It’s “striking”, :stuck_out_tongue:

I could’ve sworn frenzy minions “attacked” everything at some point

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