List of duelyst card/other stuff names when making a post


Would it be possible to add a search for words when making a new post? I’ve not played the game enough to know the exact letters of each card/other in game stuff (first two months had no idea what the generals names were…) This could just be something I’m having a problem with, I imagine a lot of other people have better memory and/or aren’t so lazy they don’t bother searching google. I was originally going to ask if it was possible for words to be added to autocorrection, but I thought about it and came to the assumption it is browser specific (as right clicking a word which is assumed to be incorrect brings up a generic windows list.) Does anyone else share this problem or am I just being pedantic about spelling as per usual? Leave a comment on what you think please, I’d like to know other peoples opinion on this.


Lol if we all spell the card names correctly… Adjul udicator, chruyslis burst lol. I’m surprised you can’t do that in the advanced search.


If nothing else, you can go to Crafting to see all of the card names.


There are even simple minded people that spell Makantor as “Jesus” :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh great War beast give me strength for he knows not what he says. I can only pray that my Lord visith him in his game and bless him not once, not twice, e but three times, three the number that is to be visited upon his face so he can lose his match and know your mighty presence… Ahmen


Until I heard the name pronounced on a stream, I misread silithar as slithar, which is a surprisingly large difference.


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