Lilithe Deck help


Hey guys, I’ve been experimenting a little bit with Abyssian, I made this deck but I don’t know if there’s any way it could be improved. I don’t have many cards so take that into account :smile:



-1 Darkfire sacrifice : Not enough targets to ramp, dead lategame and with 1 copy you probably won’t draw it early most of the time.
-2 Horn of the forsaken : It’s just a terrible card, your BBS is better than this.
-2 Shadow Watcher : Dispel is everywhere ( at least from gold ), alright at lower ranks I guess.
-1 Wraithling Fury : Bad card, probably better to add another soulshatter pact or the new void steal.
-2 Wraithling swarm : Bad tempo play, all your opponents need is a Skorn or something similar to put you behind on cards and on board, like Horn, your BBS is better.
-3 Dark transformation: Redundant with ritual banishing, too costly , maybe keep 1 if you want “4 ritual banishing”.

+1 Gor,+1 Healing mystic: Turn 1 consistency.
+1 Bloodmoon priestess : Because it keeps the swarm going.
+1 Shadowdancer or Soul grimwar or Deathfire crescendo : win condition, overall Crescendo is the better one ( lower cost, easier to use, more damage than Shadowdancer ).
+1 Soulshatter pact or Void Steal : To replace wraitling fury. Void steal is more situational but can potentially be more powerful. See which one you prefer.
+1 Rite of the undervault : 1 is not enough to see it often, 3 is overkill.
+2/3 Shroud/Lightbender : You need dispel.
+2/3 Dioltas or Primus shieldmaster: More 4 drops. Dioltas provides one more body and threatens your opponent, Shieldmasterprovides more “immediate stickyness”(does that even makes sense lol), both can help protecting your Wraithlings.

Other cards to you may consider:
Shiropuppy dragon : good synergy with swarm, also, cuteness wins games( sometimes).
Blood Baronette : can get some ridiculous damage given the right setup, works best with crescendo and shadow reflection. If you were to add the shadow reflection/baronette combo, consider adding some saberspine tigers as well. Maybe too inconsistent though.

Ultimately when you will be able to afford it:
+3 Kron, instead of your current 5 drops: it does everything, it swarms, limits movement and demands removal. Good in any deck you’ll make as well.
+0/1 Vorpal,+1 Specral revenant : Just too good. Vorpal doesn’t do much the turn he hits the field so 2 is alright, Spectral is just …well very useful in almost every abyss list.
+2 Deathfire Crescendo: Instead of soulshatter pact. Maybe don’t craft them now since swarm is not really very good in this meta. Craft only if you’re dedicated to swarm abyss.

Have fun destroying souls.


Thanks a lot man! I actually just noticed that I have you on my buddy list, I saw your replay once playing on S-League and was stoked at your style, you rock man!.
I already made some of the changes and I’ll post the new deck, it’s actually working pretty well.
I actually made this deck to push some ranks up in Ladder, I started playing around a week and a half ago, tried magmar but apparently the magmar control/egg strat is too slow, so I wanted to switch to Creep Cassyva so this deck is my transition (since I don’t have Ghost Azalea nor Obliterate), I crafted the Revenant since I know it’s pretty useful on both decks and luckily I got those Vorpals on orbs, so it’s just a temporary filler.
Thanks for the Shroud/Lightbender, I tried Lightbender but the AOE dispel kinda makes me uncomfortable, I think I’ll go with Shrouds.
I’ll have to disagree with the dark transformation tho, I’ll remove 1 since it’s actually pretty expensive, but it’s good for minions that spawn something on the same spot, I made a Cassyva concede in turn 6 after transforming her Reaper9M :smile: , anyways, I’ll have to work on those Krons and the second Revenant!


The thing with Dark transformation is that most of the time you won’t play anything else after it, meaning it actually gives the inititive to your opponent. However if it works for you, feel free to keep them.