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Lightning Blitz erases your minions' abilities


I had an Elkowl (Ranged and Rebirth), a Wolfraven (Flying) and another minion with an Opening Gambit ability. When I used Lightning Blitz to be a total badass and wreck the faces of the world, their abilities are all replaced by “Blitz! +1/+1”. It persisted until I, of course, lost.

Is that a bug? Or…a joke? :pensive: They lost all their useful abilities to gain +1/+1 and be teleported randomly into enemy territory…feh.

I thought it would be cool if I had a bunch of Walls buffed by Lady Locke (they all get +1/+1 and Provoke), then teleport them all near the enemy, but it looks like they’d lose their buffs anyway making it an even worse gamble since walls can’t move.

Are there other cards with hidden quirks like this? Where in the game can I look to find out?


Sounds like a bug. I don’t think that is the intended result.

EDIT: A Lady locke walls deck sounds hilariously fun. As you said though, lightning blitz doesn’t synergize too well, since they can’t move. If you have Winter’s wake, you should try using that. It’s pretty strong.


That’s definitely a bug, there is no reason I can see for them to lose their abilities.


Yeah, I don’t have a lot of decent cards, but I like it when I pull off Lady Locke and multiple Walls lol

Thanks for the feedback folks, at least it might get fixed


Bug, and I used lightning before with ranged minions and they could still shoot, so it’s not a 100% bug either.


Do you remember what faction you were fighting? I was up against the female Songhai, maybe the bug happens with certain cross-faction spell interactions


Could you upload a replay? Or a screenshot of the turns leading up to the blitz. Would help to see what’s going on.


Could you contact us here tickets@duelyst.uservoice.com and explain the issue you experienced please.


I would, but I have no idea how to do that :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries! Do you remember if Reva played pandamonium, by any chance? It functions as a board-wide dispel, which may be hard to tell just from the text itself.


I don’t think so, the minions were fine until I used Lightning Blitz.

I’ll keep playing and try to recreate the problem


You should be able to view a replay of the match if you go to your Profile in game. Maybe you can see what led to the bug?