Lift "early resign penalty" at turn 3 in Diamond / S-Tier


At Diamond and S-Tier, a single mistake often destroys your chances of winning. So too does a +1.5σ difference in draw quality between your opponent and yourself.

Usually it’s evident by turn 3 if a match is completely one-sided due to rng or error, and then the prudent move would be to resign so that nobody wastes time. However, this causes the match to not count towards quests or xp, which is a significant disincentive. The penalty should be lifted for skilled players at this point, given that the outcome of a match is effectively determined, yet still takes several turns to actually end.

Roughly, I would estimate this occurs 1 out of every 8 matches, just often enough that I’m sufficiently annoyed to offer this suggestion.


If the penalty was removed, then people in Diamond/S-rank could just concede their way through quests. Now this will seriously fuck up the game experience for everyone. Imagine that the early concede penalty is lifted, and all out of a sudden, a lot more people concedes in the early stages of a match. Not so fun for either side, isn’t it.

Also, this penalty incentivize players to try their best even under the worst situations. But this effect is not as important as the “quality control” aspect as mentioned before.


no win feels better than coming back in those impossible condition, and those comebacks often happens in diamond and S in my experience.

strive for that come back thrill, way more fun than clinging on the thought to concede as soon as possible.


Even if you know to u lost u have to play the game out. It’s easy to just concede at the start of a game and start another que below diamond and S are pretty low.


The real solution to this would be to reintroduce casual mode, or allow players to choose from a pool of quests (e.g 1 “20 gold” and 1 “50 gold”). The former would be a nice way to get dailies done, while the latter will stop players incentivising playing bad decks just for gold.


There is another issue with this early resign. I sometimes loose before this penalty expires. I concede right before they deliver a finishing strike and i get a “you left too early” message. This game became much faster than it was initially expected.


Losing at turn 3? Is that really possible?


It is. Trust me. Sometimes lilith get absurd opener with 3 furosas and 3 cryptographers.


it’s very much possible.


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