Library of archetypes?[WIP]


I’m a player from a month, and some of you already know me, I really enjoy this forum, anyway I think that a library with an explanation of the archetypes and some of the common used list can be an awesome tool for those who are starting now to underatand more the meta, or why not even experienced players.

Card explanation (Faction Lyonar,Shongai,VEtruvian,Abyssian,Magmar,VAnar,Neutral / Mana cost / Attack, Life / Ability)

[details=Keeper]A control deck (not ony magmar, but most used with this faction) incentred with rush minion (Saberspine Tiger [N / 3 / 3,2 / Rush], Mankantor Warbeast [ M / 6 / 4,4 / Rush, Frenzy]) and the Keeper of the Vale (N / 5 / 3,4 / Opening gambit: Summon a random non-token friendly minion destroyed this game nearby), really aggressive can keep the pressure on opponent with good croud control spell or just rushing with minions.
Some classik magmar list: Keeper Magmar: Copying my Reddit series over to here
Some alternative (all faction): Keeper of the Vale: The Series! (Slight Reboot) -Mrenderman

[details=Wallnar]A control vanar deck that aims to make wall with Bonechill Barrier (Va / 2 / Summon 3 joined 0/2 Vespyr Walls.Minions that attack those walls are Stunned), Gravity Well (Va / 2 / Summon four joined 0/1 walls with Provoke) or Blazing Spines (Va / 3 / Summon 2 joined 3/3 walls that can attack) and finish with Winter’s Wake(V / 8 / Give all frendly Wall minions+4/+4.Those minion can now move.)
Keep the control of the board with spell and minions, then block the opponent with walls then pump them with Winter’ s wake and win!;D
Here some cool list: Looking for advice on Wallnar decklists
Here a list with Kara: Arcane and WALLet Warrior Kara
Winter’ s wake: Force of Nature - A Winter’s Wake deck by FYFY (1.74 Kara Winterblade) [/details]

[details=Healyonar]Based on Zir’An Sunforge and healing mechaniks, win can be achieved with Sunriser (L / 4 / 3,4 / Whenever any minions or general is healed, deal 2 damage to nearby enemies.) Lucent Beam (L / 2 / Deals 2 damage to an enemy.If a minion or general is healed this turn, dela 4 damage insted.) or Holy Immolation (L / 4 / Restore 4 healt to a friendly minion.Deals 4 damage to enemy minions and generals around it.)
Here an in deep topic: Healyonar Tactica, Tips & Tricks [Resource]

[details=Swarm]Like the zerg in starcraft, you’ll try to cover the chessboard with wraithlings and finish with Soulshatter Packt (A / 2 / Give all friendly minions +2 attack this turn), Shadowdancer (A / 5 / 4,4 / Deatwatch: Deal 1 damage to the enemy general, and restore 1 healt to your general) or Deathfire Crescendo (A/ 3 / Give a friendly minion: "Deathwatch: gains +2/+2"
Here some lists:[/details]

[details=Dervish/Obelysk]Vet deck based on obelisk and dervish, amazing croud control and positioning - Ethereal Obelysk ( Ve / 2 / 0,6 / Summon dervish), Fireblaze Obelysk ( Ve / 3 / 0,6/ Summon dervish. Give all friendly dervishes +1 attack), Windstorm Obelysk (Ve / 3 / 0,6 / Summon dervish. Give all friendly dervishes +1 healt) or Nimbus ( Ve / 5 / 3,8 / Whenever this minion take damage, summon a soulborn obelysk nearby)
Lists : November season: Make dervish vetruvian great again!
List with some match video: Vetruvian(Zirix) Gameplay w/ Commentary - Obelysks


Deck based on the shongai faction ability backstab:" when attacking from behind, this deal extra damage and can’t be counterattacked", using minion like Kaido Assasin ( S / 2 / 2,3 / Backstab: [1]), Katara ( S / 1 / 1,3 / Backstab: [3]) or Gorehorn ( S / 3 / 3,3 / Backstab: [2]. After this minion attacks, it gains +1/+1) and using Kaleos bbs: move a friendly minion up to 2 spaces, Juxtapposition ( S / 0 / Switch position between any two minions) Myst Dragon Seal ( S / 1 / Give a friendly minion +1/+1 and teleport it to any space on the battlefield) to gain a good position and use backstab at its full potential.
List: My S-Rank Backstabhai deck

[details=Dance of Meme]Magmar deck based on low cost minions and the combo Kujata( M / 2 / 2,2 / Your minions cost 1 less and take 1 damage when summoned from your action bar) with Dance of dream( M / 1 / Whenever a friendly minion dies this turn, draw a card) and the artifact Twin fang ( 3 / Whenever a friendly minion or your general takes damage, your general gains +2 attack).
You cicle with low cost/life minions through your deck till you got the twin fang to make an OTK!
Some lists:
Magmar can Otk to: Copying my Reddit series over to here
Starhorn and his twing fangs, a combo deck
Dance of Battle Pets - 3 Mandrakes in one turn FTW [/details]

[details=Sajj]Vet deck based on artifact and the control vet spells, can be an OTK deck!
Uses Wildfire ank( Ve / 3 / Your general gain Blast) and Hexblade ( Ve / 4 / Your general gains +3 attack,whenever your general damagesan enemy minion, its attack becomes 1), and uses some mechanics of sabotage and controls.
Some lists:
[Shimzar] [Scioness Sajj] [Diamond] Subjugate -- Vetruvian Control Deck
OTK Combo-Sajj - Relics of Time
Sabotage Vetruvian: Sajj and Zirix [/details]

Other in the next days…
If someone wnat to make some contribution feel free to add material!


i like the idea, but maybe the definitions need more work and explanation :slight_smile:


Some of these are very general (fast) while others are extremely specific (keeper, dance of memes). This makes the list hard to read but good none the less.


Yay is a wip, gotta work soo much in this post, and yesterday I was soo tired but wanted to make the skeleton of this tool!;D
Thank you!


Yay, I know, in this game some lists are very specify as you say but others are really versatile, that can change with factions, using the same mechanics as mid range or fast deck.


You may want to add :

  • “Arcanyst” : deck based on Arcanyst minion subtype, staple being Owlbear Sage, most common used faction being Songhai for synergy with 4WM but works with all. Some people (@cassador) even play Magmarcanyst :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Factionname-z0r!” : deck based on Mechaz0r!, most common being Vanar Kara for a time, but still doable with all faction as *-z0r cards are neutral.

  • “Backstabhai” : Songhai Kaleos based on Backstab, from minion mostly, or even Kaleos himself with Mask of Shadows. Deck is all about movement cards and efficient positionning.

  • “Sabot-Sajj” : Vetruvian Sajj deck based on adapting, copying, stealing minion and/or spells from your opponent, usually backed by extensive use of artifacts. Sample cards : Mirage Master, Dominate Will.


Nah i am no filthy zor player, i only use cash archetypes like arcanystmar and ironclad rampmar.


Sorry for the mistake, edited :wink:


Good idea. The forum in general could use one or two sticky threads to give newcomers an easier entrypoint into the world of Duelyst.


Sadly, not possible.


Reads to me as if it’s rather a question of not wanting to do it instead of not being able to do it.

Can’t say that I share the sentiment behind it. I understand that some forums are overdoing it with sticky threads, but I feel like this forum would greatly benefit form having even only a single one that reads: “Duelyst Resources - Decklists and other useful links”, which would constantly be updated with current deck lists, the most important links to the deck builder, guides, other forums/fan sites, etc.

Duelyst in general could be a bit more generous when it comes to giving new players guidance. Guys, hire a Community Manager!


I agree with you, they should just sticky one central hub or sth.
But they already have one or multiple community managers, idk exactly, but i am pretty sure that Ryv and ThanatosNoa have that or a similar task.


Well there is site call Reddit.Which had duelyst reddit which has what you are talking about.

You want resources Duelyst Reddit

You want talk a little bit more in depth or friendlier about then Duelyst forums

You want more metagame stuff Turn 2 mystic or Managlow

You want to chat with live people about Duelyst .Duelyst discord


yay but isn’ t better to have everything in 1 site?!


Uhm. I wasn’t saying that I lack those things or that I am in dire need of any of them. I was saying that a stickied post in this forum which would bundle all these infos in a conventien thread would be great for this forum.

I’m not saying that those things don’t exist. I’m just saying that they could be made a bit more accessible from within this very forum (or google search which will eventually lead to this forum).


you should add SPELLHAI
you know, the archtype that people complain the most about?
reva + 4winds+lantern fox+ chakri avatar + a ton of songhai spells

also, add creep deck since thats pretty common nowadays. just adding control and fast cassyva lists should do.


Amazing idea! There are so many archetypes right now, its gonna take you a while to get through it, so I shall give you some spiritual support :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, glad you found my Keeper Post to be useful :3 (It also reminded me to finally go through and Re-Update everything >w>)


I thought Ryvirath was the CM ?


Really thanks mate, it’s an hard work but hope is gonna be useful!

Anyway nice keeper post, really interesting!;D


Heh half of that is my stuff :D, I am always happy to have my posts get some recognition, ya should have tagged me. I have a ton more you could add. Just check my profile for topics. The only topics I make are for deck lists.

Archetypes your missing that others have not mentioned:




Flood: Pokemon Starhorn, Oasis Zirix

Dying Wish

Antidraw Starhorn

Solo: Vath Smash, Artifact Sajj, Artifact Lyonar

Ramp: Big Abyss, Pain Magmar

Not sure if you want things as general as this but:

Or very specific trick decks:
Otk: Meldhai, Fractal Elucidator, Huldra/Arctic Displacer, Time Sajj

Also while bad, they do exist