Let's talk Wraithling Swarm


i’m in no way a pro in this game, my word might have no weight but honestly why is this spell

so extremely low value?

it’s really weird how a core spell in Abyssian that is supposed to be the heart of the swarm is basically a very low value spell that doesn’t bring much to the table, this spell cost 3 for 3 1/1.

and that 1/1 have 0 impact the moment they are summoned. not only is the spell costly you also had to take another turn to actually make use of them. compared to Lilithe BBS, though it is random 1 mana for 2 wraithlings. sounds like a fair deal.

spells that cost 3 usually have some kind of immediate impact, but wraithling swarm don’t. i’m very sad that the spell stays the way it is right now that, most people stopped putting it in their deck the moment they realize just how low value the spell is. take for example “Ironcliffe Heart” with 4 mana you can turn anything into an ironcliffe, though this spell requires something to be on board already it still has so much more value than Wraithlings swarm, even more if you Ironcliffe heart a minion that already took a turn the ironcliffe it transform into basically has “rush”.

i don’t know man, maybe i’m just stupid but is this how it is supposed to be? maybe 3 mana for 4 wraithlings? the way it is right now just seem, pretty poor.


I think the card is more exciting when you test it rather than when you read it. I played a bit with it in a swarm deck I built and it synergizes nicely with the Deathwatch mechanics. Also, it provides bodies for Ritual Banishing. It’s not the best card around and it may need a slight buff, but I don’t think it’s horrible overall.


You could use it to grab 2 mana tiles in a single turn. You could also block off some paths or surround the enemy general with this spell.

Nevertheless it’s still true that the bodies that the spell provide are not the best. Although I think the spell is fine as it is now, changing the cost of it to 3 mana only is somewhat justifiable.


i see, so most people doesn’t seem to think that the card is underpowered, maybe just me then.


Yup what @bublublub said, can use it to take 2 mana tiles from opponent, block passages etc. Or develop them somewhere safe as fodder. It takes time to build up a nice swarm which you can then abuse, but if the opponent lets you build it up they have a problem.

I think swarm decks can exist without it, but it’s a nice tool!


I’ve been playing with a bit with a semi-budget low-curve swarm abyssian deck lately and I must say I was hesitant to use it because of its low value but the fact that you can choose where to place them makes it so much better than it appears. As p2 on t1 you can take the middle tile and the one which your opponent placed his minion towards and then play a 2-drop (shiro got some synergy here). It’s also good for boxing your opponent in so he can’t run away or blocking them off. It’s by no means a great card, but not bad either, a bit situational perhaps.


Haha… Personally I feel that it could/should be a 2-mana card and keep the remainder the same. Some may suggest 3 mana for 4 Wraithling but this is far too good if you factor in his “synergy” cards or “combo” cards.

2 mana would allow for greater chance of doing something more during the middle-stage of the game or when the mana tiles are up for grab. Perhaps an earlier challenge by putting the Deathwatch minion earlier.


I think the power of this card doesn’t come from the raw stat’s (there are only 6 lol) but from the casting reach this card gives.

On 5 mana you can completely trap an enemy general with you facing one side and wraithlings blocking every point of movement (followed by another 2 drop ofc)

Stealing 2 tiles going second puts your opponent at a huge board deficit when combined with a 2 cost.

4 wraithlings covers about half the map horizontally, being able to trap people in that would be instant death


This isn’t hearthstone, so it’s inaccurate to say that dropping a body on the board = having no immediate effect, let alone dropping 3 bodies on the board with 1 spell.

The card doesn’t have much automatic value, but it has tons and tons of synergy. Too many for me to type out, just read the card text of all the cards in this game.


To the contrary. The card is super powerful, but it often suffers as a 3-of because it needs enablers, something to feed or chain summoning shenanigans. Merely the act of occupying 3 board tiles is a very strong thing to do- it increases the options for placing additional minions significantly, and it allows you to control the paths your opponent takes- making it exceedingly difficult to reliably escape without using extra resources.


in most decks that use it the card does, for instance, 3 damage to your opponent and heal 3. or summon 3 more wraithlings, or give +6/+6 to a frenzy minion, in addition to the aforementioned taking of mana tiles. It’s just such a versatile card.


Poor Lilitthe, living in a world where any faction can throw a Blistering Skorn into its deck and completely shut down her swarm tactics. I think that’s why Wraithling Swarm can be underwhelming at times. There’s so much AoE nowadays that Lilitthe is one of the most difficult generals to use today (props for giving her a shot by the way with Cassiva being as popular as she is. I guess if you don’t have a lot of rare cards, Lilitthe tends to be easier to build around too. But I digress).

When you combine this with the fact that today’s meta revolves around fast, low-cost cards, Wraithling Swarm can get shut down before you have any chance of developing anything to support DeathWatch mechanics.

Maybe it’s just hard to use in this particular meta, and it could become easier to use if the game slows down a little. I’m by no means an Abyssian main, but I’ve experimented with the card myself and my thoughts on the card are based on my experiences.


i completely agree with what you’re saying.

having an entire archetype ruined by a single card or spell is just sad.

plasma storm even kills priestess. like come on.


hey pal,

occupaying 3 spaces its in some sort of sense and immediate impact.
it lets you make position plays which has value, also it fuels the swarm engine when it’s set.
i see why you think 4 minions for 3 would be more cool but, it would lead to turn 1, has player 2 take all the mana spring.


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