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Let's Talk Titan Ox


No, it would cost you games. The benefits of songhai spells providing early tempo far outclass the huge “maybe” ox provides in the late game.


I heard that it doesn’t count as 25 mana. Can’t prove it myself though.


It counts as 25 mana for unlocking Ebon Ox, but when you play it after the Ox for, say, 7 mana, it will deal 7 damage to a random enemy. Classic Duelyst confusion.


Maybe. :wink:


Okay, so my Ox deck had been struggling on ladder versus aggro and mantra decks as one might imagine. I decided I might tech a few “hate cards” to deal with that, and it’s worked out I’d say. Basically, I swapped out Zendo for Magesworn and Rock Pulverizer for Azure Herald.


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