Let's Talk Titan Ox


I can imagine Magesworn cucking the trial Abyss players lol. I’d keep it as sideboard if I was going into a tourney or something against aggro reva probably.

I just find myself mostly concerned with Wanderer players running amuck, so Painter feels more important to me for where I am at. It can also counter endless rebirth effects though, so I’d recommend it for counter abyss trial plays as well.


yeah was checking the wiki about it , seems good alright.

I really wanted hate furnace but still waiting for him and struggled getting ox off the ground will try some of these though :slight_smile:

Is the vanar trial thing any good ?


I’d say you’re better off playing the Winter’s Wake + Ice Age ramp combo if you’re interested in the Vanar trial. Does the same thing, but a lot more consistently. Also, it gives you access to Malicious Wisp, which is a pretty OP card for such a bad faction.

[deck clinic] Vanar paralyzer (and Mirrorim discussion)

Ponchomango has a very well rounded list. Faced them last week in the MLT, and lost, but I was very impressed by certain card choices. Made my one list afterwards. It curves nearly equal to OPs list, but I run one less 6 and 7 drop and one additional 8 and 2 drop.
I use Kaleos though, and Thunderhorn. Its the minion that benefits the most after Trial is completed, if you ask me.


Alright, so I edited my list just a little bit. I swapped out Dioltas for Thunderhorn and Reva for Kaleos.


Looks fun :+1:

I should probably try this archetype myself.

Putting it in my To Do list :slight_smile:


Built this for yesterday’s quest

It beat both Wanderer Rag and Fault!!!:grinning:
Definitely a new favorite from the Songhai faction and its still missing a lot of good cards that are usually put into Titan Ox

Wanderer Rag:
Golem Sajj battle that took 20 minutes because my opponent waited out every turn:


OOoooo…Let us see the replays!


i found using the replace archetype with ox pretty fun, and having extra replace makes it easier to find the specific mana cost minions u need


So I just hit S-Rank Twelve with the last deck I posted. Pretty solid all around. :slight_smile:


Okay, so here is a replay of probably the most 9000 IQ play I have ever seen while playing Titan Ox. You guys have to check this one out. This Vaath is prolly one of the best players on the ladder.