Let's Talk Titan Ox


I can imagine Magesworn cucking the trial Abyss players lol. I’d keep it as sideboard if I was going into a tourney or something against aggro reva probably.

I just find myself mostly concerned with Wanderer players running amuck, so Painter feels more important to me for where I am at. It can also counter endless rebirth effects though, so I’d recommend it for counter abyss trial plays as well.


yeah was checking the wiki about it , seems good alright.

I really wanted hate furnace but still waiting for him and struggled getting ox off the ground will try some of these though :slight_smile:

Is the vanar trial thing any good ?


I’d say you’re better off playing the Winter’s Wake + Ice Age ramp combo if you’re interested in the Vanar trial. Does the same thing, but a lot more consistently. Also, it gives you access to Malicious Wisp, which is a pretty OP card for such a bad faction.

[deck clinic] Vanar paralyzer (and Mirrorim discussion)

Ponchomango has a very well rounded list. Faced them last week in the MLT, and lost, but I was very impressed by certain card choices. Made my one list afterwards. It curves nearly equal to OPs list, but I run one less 6 and 7 drop and one additional 8 and 2 drop.
I use Kaleos though, and Thunderhorn. Its the minion that benefits the most after Trial is completed, if you ask me.


Alright, so I edited my list just a little bit. I swapped out Dioltas for Thunderhorn and Reva for Kaleos.


Looks fun :+1:

I should probably try this archetype myself.

Putting it in my To Do list :slight_smile:


Built this for yesterday’s quest

It beat both Wanderer Rag and Fault!!!:grinning:
Definitely a new favorite from the Songhai faction and its still missing a lot of good cards that are usually put into Titan Ox

Wanderer Rag:
Golem Sajj battle that took 20 minutes because my opponent waited out every turn:


OOoooo…Let us see the replays!


i found using the replace archetype with ox pretty fun, and having extra replace makes it easier to find the specific mana cost minions u need


So I just hit S-Rank Twelve with the last deck I posted. Pretty solid all around. :slight_smile:


Okay, so here is a replay of probably the most 9000 IQ play I have ever seen while playing Titan Ox. You guys have to check this one out. This Vaath is prolly one of the best players on the ladder.



So far, this is my attempt for “try to make Ebon Ox a core card” deck.

I didn’t put any spell in this deck, not even juxta/MDS.
The reason is i want to keep 5-6 minions of each cost in this deck.
After i played awhile, i feel like 5-6 minions are the perfect number of each cost and 1-7 are the perfect mana cost.

My personal favorite cards :

  1. Aethermaster, i need this to search minion. Sometimes 1 replace isn’t enough.
  2. Ash Mephyt, after trial complete this card deal 5 damage 3 times because of it’s OG.
  3. Hearthseeker, a good 1 mana threat that forced enemy to answer it.

Overall, i like playing this deck and it’s pretty decent. :heart:

Edit : I will test this deck again later.
I added some replay of the latest matches, i did some misplays tho.

Some replays

vs Aggro Reva

vs Obelysk? Zirix

vs Wall Kara


From my limited experience with the archetype I recommend Golden Mantella. 3+1 drop in one card.

Ash Methyt is smart, I like it :+1:


I’m surprised that no one here uses Blood Taura. He is an auto-include in any Ebon Ox deck for me (x1-2).


Y tho.

Hint:it doesn’t work the way you think it does.


Yes it does. I don’t use it for insta-kill 25 damage (I know that doesn’t happen), I use it for a cheap (eventually) minion that counts as a 25-cost for the trial.


If you are less than 10 HP the turn OX comes, you are actually dead already. Starting from gold.


Check out my new Ox deck (with @alplod’s great suggestion of Golden Mantella):

Out of the 17 games I’ve played with this deck so far, I won 16. I beat Burn Faie, Trial Abyssian, Artifact Songhai, Eggmar, Growmar, Fault Vetruvian, and many more. The only one that beat me was Dying Wish Abyssian with two Desolators at once (actually, the Ox betrayed me by sniping a Desolator when I played Eternity Painter next to both). Dying Wish Abyssian must die. But anyway, it plays really well on curve, and when you get some replace synergy going it can become insane (White Widow and Kron are amazing). Usually I get Ox on the turn I win, but sometimes he helps to claim the victory.


Bah! Fools! Titan ox should still run at least 3 jux and probably 2 or more mds


No, that would ruin the consistency.