Let's Talk Titan Ox


So what exactly is the best way to play Songhai without spells?


This is my current list.

This has been working for me so far. I’m aware Kaleos is a good pick as well for generals, but I hardly find myself wanting a teleport. I find Heartseekers provide flexible enough positioning for 1 mana when it comes to getting out a Painter or Rainbow Pony.


Disclaimer: incomplete collection and therefore missing Songhai power cards.

I don’t want to part with Juxtaposition, it’s a 0-cost spell that won’t mess up your Hideatsu progression (mana-wise).

I built my deck around flat mana curve and lots of Opening Gambit removal, because when the Trial completes, obviously the less enemies around, the better.

I really like Dagona, Geomancer, and Thunderhorn. I keep Juxtapositions in hand for emergencies or “burst”.

The mana curve is top-heavy and it feels like the deck is stronger this way. It’s not unusual to drop “wincons” over and over, the end game muscle is real.


Opening Gambit removal is nice to have for sure. Personally, I’d increase Paragon to a 2 of minion just because of the popularity of Wanderer.

I see some of your minions are late game win cons off of the trial, in specific the Pandora and Jax Truesight. I’d recommend perhaps a one or two of Ash Mephit or even a Purgatos as both can deal insane damage for their costs post trial.

I have heard that Juxtaposition is a good inclusion given the heavy inclusion of minions, but I enjoy breaking my back just a little too much for that :wink:


Also, on that flat curve, I agree with that idea. Personally, my list has managed to get the trial off by 8 mana 99% of the time; however, it usually comes down at 7 mana. I find my best play to be Mantella T1 going second into using Mantella to play Celebrant on a tile so I can use the double mana ramp to play a four drop. Very rarely do I lose games with an opener like that.


200% correct on Paragon. I want to put more (last time I checked I didn’t have them, but I’ll have a closer look)

Ash Mephit is rather awesome post-trial, but very “meh” before. I didn’t bring him on, preferring Jax Truesight (slightly better / slightly worse). Purgatos is indeed very strong post trial - but probably less universally than Thunderhorn. I think I need my Lightbenders, and that closes the 4-drop spot pretty tightly.


Thanks for the tip, it’s a clever way to speed up the Trial!


Yea… Most all of my minions were chosen on ability to stick/get me to my trial faster. Kron is hard to deal with because it has 5 HP, keeps hit minions up longer, and summons another minion. Purgatos also has 5 HP, and no one wants to hit it repeatedly. Only insane people will hit Tahr as well. Healing Mystic helps with heals, like Purgatos, but keeps my minions alive as well. No one wants to go face on Dioltas as well, and that tombstone lasts for a while with 8 HP. Celebrant is a 1/4 that gives me ramp, so it sticks and helps the trial very nicely. I highly recommend it in any Ox list. Golden Mantella is just for the sake of getting more 1 drops in on an already limited curve, and it really does go a long way for trial completion T1 or T2. Most of my other minion choices are just good removal or stick VERY well. Probably both.

Fun Fact: If you use Dagona to swallow an injured high cost minion of your own, like a 1 HP Calligrapher, Dagona dying will trigger Ox’s effect. I have used this to get lethal quite a few times.


Try synergizing Titan ox with another archeotype. In the example above I have Arcanyst + Ox but you could try other combinations. However, I suspect that you would win most games because of the secondary archeotype rather than with Titan Ox.


I have thought of trying Arcanyst Ox with Shidai or something, except I find myself doing better without that archetype. I just find the deck trying to play minions for Ox, but trying to play spells to develop Owlbeast Sage. I have played S rank level Arcanyst players with my current list and won quite well myself, but that is just me personally.

I also like being able to tempo out Ox at 7 mana. That’s my primary goal personally.


Nice list. Obviously less bent on the Trial, and with a solid “normal” game plan without it.
Why did you go with so many one-ofs?

(I might point out that according to my tests, the Grimes spawns do not trigger Hideatsu damage.)


I think my own “motto” for the trial is to try playing threats my opponent is inclined to use removal spells on the whole game. I’m happiest with a constantly empty board just because my entire hand becomes Spiral Technique later in the game after Ox.


I use a lot of one-ofs since most of them have similar effects but different costs or because in a single game I find myself only wanting to play 1 copy of each minion. Drawing the card I “needed” has never been a problem since a lot of other minions can fill in the gap.


Most of those minions seem fairly varied in effects though.


Doesn’t Magesworn have counter-synergy with the rest of your list? I do like the Red Synja though.


Yes Magesworn counters most of my spells but I believe the opponent is at a greater disadvantage. Against Vanar and Abyssian with punish this card is great.


Problem is, those are the two worst factions already, so there’s not much need to counter them. I don’t know what you play against mostly though, so if it helps you, go for it.


True but still in games where I play Magesworn I am determined to complete the trial which means having synergy with spells is now useless. Also, I encounter a lot of Abyssians playing trial. I think this card helps deal with them.


does the battle pet count towards the trial ??


The Battlepet does count towards the trial. It tends to give Rock (a 4/4 that cant move), a 1/1 that draws another battlepet, a 1/1 with forcefield, and Dex (a 2/5 with celerity). All of these minions cost 1 mana.

All in all, not a bad turn one.