Lets talk: Spirit of Valknu


One of thr few magmar cards I liked as part of the bloodborn expansion. Me being one of the outliers who wasn’t happy with the aggro/draw centric cards and was looking more for egg synergy.

So lets get right to it. Spirit of Valknu is an overcosted card with a pretty weak end result. A 4 cost 0/1 that will more often then not get destroyed immediately is not just bad but utterly terrible. Comparing it to another not-so-viable 4 drop, Chrysalis Burst shows some severe shortcomings in potential gains. If despite everything you do manage to actually get Valknu hatched whats the result? A high health minion with 2 attack that can either be ignored, or easily removed. The only potential for Valknu is hes used counter intuitively in an artifact deck rather than an egg deck so he can copy effects but even then he can still be easily removed.

My hope, as always is Counterplay has some future Egg supports coming that will make this useless card anything other then utter nonesense.

All that being said I leave the floor open to you all to discuss, potential changes that would make it viable and fair, potential egg supports that should be added, success/failure stories using Valknu, Anything!


I agree with your points about the card, it is like they designed the card intending for it to be a joke. Only really would be worth it if you can pull off some insane clones thanks to buffs and whatnot, but even after all that work would still be weak to removal. I think the card needs to be completely reworked in order for it to be viable, but not really sure what could be done.


If the spawned copy of the general was considered a general, rather than a minion, the card would become significantly better. This way, many hard removals which only target minions would not work. If one manages to get something out of the egg, he should be able to really capitalise on it, otherwise there is no reason to run the card.


What I think would be cool, is if Valknu was treated as a copy of your general (same Attack, Health, and un-targetable by minion removal) basically acting as a secondary general that got damaged when you got damaged and vice-versa.

This synergises well with all the self damage and Rancour, but can leave your health very low without being careful.


I thought Valknu would act in a similar manner that Zir does. In that it would Valknu would take over if the general died. I’m disappointed it doesn’t. I am happy with the card, though. It is a unique effect and its design should be applauded.


I also love the card, but as it is it is underwhelming at best. I really hope it will be reworked to give Control Magmar an effective tool. There are plenty of ways to do it without killing the spirit of the card.


When you have morin khur equipped its strong, when you dont its shit.


When you have Mornin Khur equiped its a 9 mana combo for a single minion with rush, 5 attack and the same health as a late game general which at best makes it 5/16. Yes it can hatch eggs…but what are you going to hatch with no mana?


Im saying when you equip morin khur at 5 mana and Next turn you valkun Seal+overload. Anyway if you can hit the enemy General, at 9 mana Mk+vs is 16 damage, depending if vaath was dispelled or not.


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