Lets talk Inquisitor Kron


Lets just discuss about how powerful this card is and if that should be the case. I want other’s thoughts on this matter since I believe it’s a bit too powerful for for the mana cost and the fact that it is a neutral.

So for 5 you get a decent body with provoke, basically a better Fireblazer because having a bit more HP is always great for those minions and instant value from his effect.
This card is pretty much an auto-include in midrange / control decks as a 2-off and sometimes a 3-off.
If a nerf were to happen I’d suggest removing the provoke tag from the minion or at least make it have less attack.

I’m by no means salty about it. I just want to know what others think. I’m no S-rank player either but it seems like every non-songhai or aggro player I play against uses it. Currently rank 6.


i personally don’t see the issue, whenever i play it or it’s played against me it either sticks around a few turns, which doesn’t end up being too big of a deal. or he gets removed on the spot. i think the main reason why this in the case to me is that the prisoners, while a nice bonus, never really impact the board much since they just die to a general hit or almost any minion. but those are just my thoughts.


Personally I am of the believe that the 4/6 statline is slightly worse than a 5/5 statline due to how odd health is better than even health (5&6 health take the same amount of general punches).

However that is just for a vanilla minion. Kron I find is a 5 mana threat that generates value even when removed effectively. The amount of value generated litterally depends on the position where the token spawns and which token spawns i.e. forcefield is always value, range is value if it can not be killed by the next turn and etc.

The question for having an answer to Kron is not so much that “Do I have an answer?” but rather “How often is my answer sufficient?”. Having the variance being from “8 mana” (fireblaze+sapphire seer but both are slightly weak for their mana cost so a more fair cost is 7) to “6 mana” (hailstone golem+wood-wen but fair mana cost is 5). Alongside that if you do not remove Kron(and in some cases the tokens like the forcefield one) the next turn he will generate another 1-3 mana worth of value.

And that is not taking in the replace synergy of the card. Which I would rather have be the reason TO play Kron and not that he is just a good standalone card (like the difference between old dreamgazer and white widow). I must admit that the replace arch-type still needs another card like aethermaster just so that the power-level of the revolve around drawing one or not.


Exactly. This is my problem with the card, it’s way too good on its own and it wouldn’t be that great in a deck focused around replacing cards, when the opposite should be the case. I also did not consider a mana nerf, that would tone it down a notch I suppose.

Yeah the 2/2’s aren’t a huge problem but it is crazy value for his cost and what he does.


I am quite tired of putting him in every deck ever, to quote my self,


Totally agree.

Kron is superior to every neutral 5-drop and better than or equal to every faction 5-drop as well.

I also think removing provoke it the best option. Since this wouldn’t hurt his unique features but would tone down his versatility just enough that other neutral 5 drops could have some opportunity to compete.


Well provoke is rather thematic since he is a prison guard, gotta keep those prisoners locked down. But if his personal stats where very low provoke would be sort of irrelevant, just means you have to get through him first to get at his scary prisoners or the white widow he is protecting.


He definitely needs to be slowed down, but in a way that doesn’t make him sub par in replace decks. He DESERVES to be good, and if he becomes the new Astral Crusader I will cry.

Provoke makes him needlessly difficult to clear since it restricts the movement of your minions. If anything should go, its that.


Glad to hear other people think the same. I really hope they take a look at the card and rework it.


Dr. Boom of Duelyst. Good card, but nothing that can’t be dealt with. I think it’s a bit of a win more card. If you play it too early, he will be dispatched of quickly. If you play it at the right time, when you’ve already got the board, victory’s guaranteed.


Oh look, it’s yet another Kron thread. Okay, here goes TLDR:

  • Kron is strong purely because there’s no other reliable good statted 5 drops
  • Card being in every deck isn’t a proper argument about it’s power level, people don’t complain about primus first/mystic healer being in plenty of decks. They’re just good 2 drops which the game lacks, Kron is the same but is a 5 drop which smoothens the curve.
  • Issue isn’t the mana cost, stats, nor provoke. It’s the forcefield and rush prisoners. Those keywords have higher power level compared to other ones and it makes no sense how they’re still applied to the prisoners despite them all having same stats.
  • Let’s not forget how despite it being considered reliable, situations where you replace into it and have to play it aren’t all that rare. And in those sitatations the card is awful. Something which people tend to forget about because it’s not as easy to notice.

TLDR of TLDR: Card is considered stronger than it is due to it being in an unreprested 5 drop slot and removing forcefield and rush from keyword list will fix the problem just as will the implementation of other competitive 5 drops in the future.


Its a primus shieldmaster that for one more mana can get you an abilitied 2/2 unit. Yeah its a strong card but its really not omg op. First of all i dont get why a lot of ppl seem to want everything to be really plain n bare with cards. I like having powerful interesting cards to use its fun. Also if you replace into him n cast you get nothing same thing if you dont want to replace or have no cards or are holding a riddle. I have krons n i dont autoinclude him in any decks. I dont see what the big deal is with this card and to me hes a bit of a fad at this point. Not saying hes not a solid pick but a lot of ppl seem to be stuck in some kinda weird tunnel vision group mentality and autoinclude him everywhere.


Really good point about lack of other great five drops being the primary reason for his prevalence in decks. Hadn’t thought about that too much but now looking back the only lists I have that don’t run 3 of him are Vetruvian ones because nimbus competes for the mana spot. Also agree 100% about the forcefield ability being way too strong compared to the others.


Kron nerf is a must, it’s a huge advantage if you play kron first and it stick 1 turn.
Even kron got removed but the remained ranged or forcefield prisoner can still win games.

This kind of cards make the game more 50/50, not fun to play or play against.
I’m pretty sure a deck with 3 kron has higher win rate than 0 kron.(I’m currently rank 3 only do quest and concede a lot)


Mandrake, Taygete, Elder, Makantor, Ironcliffe, Lion, Chakkri, Fox, 4WM, Hamon, Scarab, Fireblaze Obelysk, Aymara, Nimbus, Juggernaut, Reaper, Klaxon, Vorpal, SpecRev, Glacial Elemental, Frostiva, Pandora.

Just some of the minions that present a huge threat if you’re not able to deal with them and they manage to stick for a turn. That’s why they are run in decks in the first place and are considered good. Kron isn’t even one of the better cards when it comes to value if it stays alive.


Still, first on curve kron is always better than second, this alone make the game more coin flip.

  • the high roll ranged forcefield prisoner(sometimes rush) is game changing.

Many decks run healing mystic and primus fist, but these card can’t snow ball and win game by itself, so cant compare them to kron.


Ehhh they can. Early Game is often pretty decisive and those 2 cards help you a lot in the early game.


Still, the same applies to plenty of minions, are you saying how the game is just one big coin flip of who gets a stronger minion on the board first wins?

Exactly the opposite, primus fist and mystic can have lots of game impact, ESPECIALLY when it comes to early game snow balling. That’s where they shine.


Not gonna argue, but healing mystic and primus fist never make me tilted, but I lost many game to on curve(some T1) kron, and stupid ranged forcefield high roll.
I will play 3 kron in every decks untill nerf. End of story.


They do indeed, just not as obvious as Kron. Same reason why people complain about Pax (even though they kinda exaggerate imo, but thats another story), it can snowball your early game hard, but you will rarely feel like Pax was the card you lost to.

And if your Statement was true, that the player who gets to play Kron first, Ladder would be full of Ramp Mar, which it isn’t. but if you wanna try run Rampmar with 3 Krons, that Deck is fun af and kinda viable so you might actually squeeze some wins out of it.

Oh and btw @OP Sure its a better fireblazer, that card is ass after all and doesn’t see any play, and i honestly prefer it when new cards are playable.