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Lets talk cheating


Has there been an issue with cheaters in Duelyst?





This is fact? You know this to be true?


Never noticed any cheating. Never seen any complaints on cheating on forums.


I mean, how would you even do it? Asking just for research of course :T


The only way to cheat is to add the friend of your opponent to YOUR friends list and ask him to spectate cheat your opponents hand.


rofl, this is the kind of stuff I imagine pops up on those “deep” web sites

“will tip 10gold for buddy hand look msg 011+34577311”


The only way I would imagine someone “cheating” is somehow ddosing the enemy player but I doubt anyone is doing it.


I see many Songhai.


Why cheat when you can just play songhai?


I dunno man. It seems like every time a Magmar player hits 6 cores its Makantor city.
Like I call hax m8.


You mean Our Lord and Savior Memekantor Jesus?


cheating is pretty hard to do. plus people who play duelyst generally have to much respect for the game to cheat. the game is designed to stop cheating. the only way for someone to cheat is come up with a program that hacks into the server and changes peoples decks, but good luck on that. that requires months of hard work for a possible five minutes of winning. it would be easy for them to tell who is cheating because its only like two people generally playing a game, so if someone is altering the code they probably could tell who, which causes a permanent ban.


Of course we have cheating, what about all those “How is he an Abyssian but has Twin Fangs equipped?” threads?


I think I’m late to the party on this one, so forgive me when I say “whut”?


I’m just making a joke about the people who don’t bother to check their replays to see what Grincher does and instead go on forums to complain how people are cheating if they have an artifact equipped which doesn’t belong to their faction. Seen it happening multiple times and it’s hilarious.


i love the idiots who either scream “cheater!!!” or “edecker!!!” because they lose in a game. so far its really hard to cheat. and i remember when each faction was really small in the number of cards, so most people ran similar things, even when never looking up decks. i remember me grabbing the vetruvian card (the one that used to gives like a +2/+2 and blast to a single minionon before it was nerfed to hell and high water.) and running a deck with it. i would get friend request every so often, so they could call me an edecker and run away because i ran the best card in the game at the time. lol


this is very serious i just saw songhai use the same spell 4 times in 1 game the spell does 3 damage to a minion or general first he used one to kill a minion then next turn he used 3 in a row on my general the he used a spell that does 8 damage to minion or general im not delusional i saw it he in fact was cheating so watch out it pissed me off cause i had 20 wrathlings homing in on him he would of died the very next turn he just happened to have the answer to everything he used 4 of the same spell this is serious cause i love this game yes i understan that people have the luck of the draw but this was not that trust me keep an eye out if people want to cheat they will any pc gamer should know that and he did lets find out and stop it thank you please reply


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