Lets Talk Black Locust


So, Black Locust is in my opinion one of the coolest cards in Duelyst. Aesthetically, it looks amazing, and its ability is one of the most unique I’ve seen among any card game, physical or digital. Although you could say this card is “Balanced” in being not absurdly overpowered or power-creeping over other cards, I find it disappointing that such an interesting, fun, and potentially powerful card has almost never seen play.

##So Whats Wrong with this Card?
Well, Quite Frankly, its not used, and for good reason; its not powerful. Again, I’m not saying that it should be broken and buffed beyond the level of balance. As a matter of fact, I do think this card is balanced as is. A 4-mana for a 2/2 with flying isn’t spectacular stats/cost, but its secondary ability sure is! That being said, I believe that what makes Black Locust so powerful is ironically what is also holding it back; its ability is far to restrictive. The problem with Black Locust is that it simply doesn’t stay alive long enough for its ability to see any use. By turn 4, there’s all kinds of crazy board-states and potential for removal of a little 2/2 minion. Even if it does stay alive, it will only activate once on the first active turn since there’s only one of them, and you cant risk it attacking and dying, as then it loses its potential value. So the only way to use this card currently is to play it off turn 4, and scuttle it around the board for 2-3 turns until it can generate enough copies for you to not feel punished for attacking with them, which is simply ridiculous.

##Potential Solutions
I had 1 idea in mind. With one of the new cards, Onyx Jaguar, we see an ability that will trigger “Whenever a minion is moved for any reason.” I think that if this ability was applied to Black Locust (and only applied to itself rather than all minions of course), it would greatly increase its potential, while still being balanced, yet powerful in the right hands. For most classes, this wouldn’t make a difference; yet in the case of Songhai, this could become a very deadly utility in their kit. For example, although not the most commonly used card, again, Onyx Jaguar works very well when combined with things like Mistdragon Seal, Inner Focus, Juxtaposition, and Blink(Kaleos’s Bloodborn Spell). Imagin placing a Black Locust and an Onyx Jaguar and using a combination of those cards to produce an army of multiplying, buffed, flying minions! It’d be an incredible combination for sure, but honestly far from overpowered, as it requires so many pieces to work, and it can be stopped dead in its tracks before it even starts( i.e. what if either of them are killed before they are used? or what if a 5-mana 3/3 or 4-mana 2/2 is simply to slow to keep up with your opponent?).

##What do you think?
I’d Really love to hear what you guys think. Is this a balanced interaction? Is it overpowered, game-breaking or meta-defining? Do you have another idea? I just love this card, and I loved using it in low ranks since it was my first legendary, but its a shame that now, its not even viable there, when the mere concept of this card holds so much potential. Another idea i had was to give it Airdrop, to helps its initial survivability, but that still doesn’t solve the problem of how to use it without feeling punished or how to maximize its usage.

  • Balanced
  • Needs a Buff

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It would be way better off as a 2/3, makes it sturdy and it survives tempest that way.


I can see where you are coming from. Although I’m not sure that only 1 spell from 1 class which is hardly used is the sole reason this card isn’t used, I understand that giving it a 3 health baseline would increase it’s viability. Making it a 2/3 would be enough to save it from many minions as well as the enemy general (without artifacts or buffs). That being said, it might become to powerful if you could simply surround the enemy general with a bunch of 2/3 multiplying minions. Also, that still doesn’t necessarily help you keep them alive on turn 4, where except for the case of the enemy general, 3 health is insignificant. Also, at 2 attack, its simply to slow. Again, generating copies is its advantage, but you cant do that if it only triggers once per turn. If you move it to the corner of the map, then sure, you have +1 copy… of card that is useless because you are only going to fly it to the next corner next turn since attacking with it seems like a waste. Its growth is technically exponential if done correctly, you get 1, then 2, then 4, then 8, 16…etc, (you can do math), but since that only triggers once per turn, that means that after summoning it, and moving it for the next 2 turns without attacking, you’ve successfully wasted 4 mana, and 3 turns worth of attacking, which is simply not how you win a game (hense why its never seen play beyond rank 20, and maybe rare cases of gauntlet)


I had the idea to copy buffs like MMeld but that woud be tooo crazy…seems alright but i feel like that woud limit locust just to songhai…


2/3 it would be too strong, 1/3 it would be too weak. The only way to balance this card is to remove flying and make it 2/3. Also this card works wonders with Grailmaster.


You seem to be implying how all the cards are supposed to be competitive.

Locust isn’t supposed to be competitive. It’s a fun and thematic card that’s rarely works but when it does it’s a fucking work of art. But the thing is, if you buff the card and it ever ends up being viable, even if it’s just a tier 2 deck, that swarm state which is something really hard and satisfiying to achieve has potential to be the most annoying mechanic in the game yet. Forget buffed tigers, 3x krons played in succession or double pax opening, this is what is going to be the bane of our existence. And like I mentioned, balance aside, it’s supposed to be this thematic minion. One lucust is supposed to be weak but having a shit ton of them obviously isn’t.

Currently I believe the card is in the perfect place. Buffing it in the stat department, especially it’s HP just makes it significantly harder to remove, and same applies to it having an air-drop. Yeah, yeah, it still dies to spells or whatever but considering the strength the card has it’s a safer idea to just let it be.


Just give it rush.

4 mana kill combo


oh yeah, that’s not broken at all…


There was a guy who reached S-rank with a songhai locust deck back in July. I’m not sure it would work nowadays, but outside of containing locust it wasn’t too crazy. Here’s a link to the out of date guide: guide

Honestly if someone made either an s-rank jaguar or an s-rank locust deck now I’d craft the crap out of those memes and meme-lord my way up.


Well, i think it’s viable to play around with locust (only have 1 in my collection so i haven’t played around too much), but there are pretty good combos to keep it alive and buffed. Obviously, because of Inner Focus, Songhai makes the perfect match with Black Locust.

Great combos are with:
Onyx Jaguar - The best one
Prophet Of The White Palm - To protect it from spells until you multiply it
Lady Locke - Great for buffing
Songweaver - Same as the Prophet
Windrunner - Great for buffing multiple locusts
Mirkblood Devourer - Buff right at the start is great to keep it alive until moved
Bastion - With so much Locusts flying around, buffing all of the is great
Wind Stopper - Protection against ranged units

Of course, there’s a lot more stuff to make it a playable deck, Alcuin Loremaster to get more copies of Inner Focus, Crossbones to eliminate ranged threats etc.

But i don’t think Locust can be a win condition on it’s own. When i have all three of them, i will probably experiment :slight_smile:


I have a doubt about this card: if i buff it, the new unit has the buff too right?


No it won’t be buffed: the cards says: “summon a black locust”, not “summon a copy of this black locust”.


Either a reduce of mana or stat of health.

Now it’s just unplayable.


i would love it as 2/3. i would love it more if it made a duplicate instead of it summoning a brand new locust. the issue is that the game now has to much aoe. i love the aoe. it fixes some problems. i can think of at least four aoe cards off the top of my head. i understand the aoe. the aoe stops eggs, locust, nithlings, and jaxi army. in simple it stops anything that mega mogwai would run. lol