Let's talk about Night Fiend


We all can agree that this card is not very good. It’s basically worse Frostbone Naga for 1 more mana and it requires too much luck.
I tried to fit it into Cas list though. And it was really good in some longer matches. It surprised me a lot how good it could be. But it did well only in very specific circumstances.
I think that effect is just too underwelming for it’s cost and set-up requirement. I’m not saying it needs to be buffed, I don’t know that.
Do you have any experience with this card or I’m the only one playing that? Maybe you have some ideas how to change it and not make it broken.


Card has a really neat effect which is a shame because cost and stat wise it’s just sub par. If I were to change it, I’d just buff it’s defense by a point, at best two. The card really doesn’t need all that much to be brought into viability. But Cass does need some actually interesting cards that interact with creeps and Fiend is by far the most interesting one so far.


Not all cards are designed with top tier in mind. This is a card that interacts neatly creep, is situationally very powerful and works well in a creep abyss deck. I think the card is fine as is. The card is made to make a linear strategy more appealing, while not skewing the entire faction around said card.

Looks like good design to me!


I have had decks with it, and it’s not bad. It helps me ping stuff to death easily and deal with faraway threats. Hardly anyone ever plays around it (I do myself, but yeah, probably because I used it), which is also a plus.

I think you have it correct where a small buff to stats would make it a viable alternative for more players. I would say 3/5 indeed (still weak for 5 mana, where the golem is 4/9 and faction cards with additional effects like the Black Solus have 4/7 (and Ironclad 3/10)).


Night Fiend’s ability is amazing :slight_smile: I think it’s much stronger than a Frostbone Naga. Still keeping 2 copies of it in my deck now. That stat is all you can ask for a Common card. It’s already balanced.


Or you could just play breath of the unborn and deal the same amount of damage to ALL enemies while healing your own minions - which might arguably be worth more in a cassy list than a 3/3 body that gets removed in a blink – and BotU even costs less. Sure, you don’t hit the general, but if youre paying 5 mana for 2 damage on the enemy general, you might be in bigger trouble.


I put it in as a 1 off in the deck where I focus on flooding the board with as much shadow creep as possible. Even then it’s highly situational, but I find that it works quite well against flood decks in the late game. Like all slow Cass cards it requires a lot of set up, but if it works, it’s the last thing they expect. (I even got lethal with it once)


It’s not bad for a common card. I had nothing but good experiences with it in my Creepy Cass deck, but I also didn’t gain much tempo out of it. I typically don’t play that deck unless the opponents were typically swarm decks.

My deck also included BotU for the same reason.

I wouldn’t recommend it for Gold+, though.



You don’t want night Fiend to be better effectwise.Night Fiend is example CPG more conservative approach to minions.If it was 3/5 it might be strong and 3/3 is clearly to weak.It should be changed to 3/4 or 4/4


night fiend shouldnt be changed. there just needs to be more cards that use creep positioning and damage multipliers

for example, if darkspine elemental combo-ed with night fiend to double the 2 AOE damage it would be pretty awesome regardless of its high cost and weak body. or if there were ways to move already placed creep or if there was a shadow nova that went all over the board.


I love this idea. To coattail from it, how about changing Night Fiend’s text to this? “Opening Gambit: each Shadow Creep deals damage to occupying and adjacent enemies.” This can synergize with Darkspine Elemental, and the damage is additive for each Shadow Creep an enemy is occupying and/or adjacent to.




I think it’s good because nobody plays it xD I never play around it because I always forget its existence.
It always wrecks my ship


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