Let's speculate on the Monthlies! [Azure Herald]


So the mid-october patch has dropped and revealed the sprites and names for all of the four upcoming monthly Neutrals! Let’s speculate what they might do!


Looks like a new Battle Pet! The sprite and the 3-letter name makes it look like that. The file name (neutral_zyx_attack2x) suggests this is its attack animation, maybe it has an OG that damages a random nearby minion or General?

Azure Herald [Revealed!]

She looks like she comes from the Azure Horn Shaman family and the design suggests some kind of healing or Health-buffing effect as well. Maybe a three-drop that with DW:+1 Health to your General (as a contrast to Day Watcher’s trigger)?


I honestly have no idea, this guy looks like Gnasher’s more murderous cousin, perhaps an effect that triggers when Bloodletter destroys an enemy minion? Would fit the name at least.


My favorite sprite of the bunch, I hope it’s good! The yellow light suggests some sort of thematic link with Lyonar, so maybe it has high Health? I can imagine a simple beatstick with +1 Movement for this card, but I can’t really pin anything down based on the design aside likely high toughness.

What do you guys and gals think?


Zyx, it looks really annoying so I imagine it’s design will be too. And what it the most annoying effect? Dispel. A 2 mana 2/2 sounds perfect. It’s also a fairly small looking minion so such stats make sense.

I have a feeling how Azure Herald will be able to take control of another minion. Maybe only small minions so it remains balanced. And it stats should be gimped as well, probably 5 mana with the total of 7 or so stat points.

Bloodletter gives me the feel of a beefy provoke minion. Possibly it could even summon tokens? I know CPG wants to push replace archetype so they might incorporate that somehow into the card mechanics.

Ironclad, hm. This is a tough one. I don’t know. Maybe an effect that allows you consecutively buff all minions in your action bar? That would probably be too strong though, especially the interaction with Rush minions.


I want to believe Ironclad will have this :
Frenzy : This minions dispels every unit it has dealt damage to.
2/5 6 cost

Hey, I can still dream !

However, if this is true, I’m pre-odering the next expansion for one of you XD


Made me chuckle a little


If Ironclade wasn’t a legendary I would just assume it has something simple like takes 1 less damage from any source.


Don’t we already have a Bloodletter? Maybe they misnamed the file


Bloodletter really reminds me of Souls’ Smaug the Executioner. I’m hoping for either something with heavy hits or “if this kills a unit, make an additional move and attack.”.

Zyx looks like an imp, like Manaforger’s younger brother. I agree that the three letter name screams Battlepet. Zyx also makes me think of Mister Mxyzptlk, an annoying Imp. Though on idea how they might be related.

Azure Herald seems like a healer, a high-cost minion that buffs other people’s health. That or when you kill it it spawns something with high hp (the Herald of something) similar to Azurehorn.

Ironclad, no idea. Could got in a lot of directions. Seems like a ‘Heavy’ though, so I’m thinking a very lategame forcefield minion for some reason.


we already have a bloodletter

maybe this one will be bloodletters brother?
double damage to all enemies?
frenzy + minions attacked by this minion are stunned?
dying wish: destroy all nearby minions?

on a different note- i think the azure herald will be a mix of radiant dragoon and azure horn shaman. at the end of the turn, nearby units get +1 health. on second thought, thats just shiro puppy dragon for health.

zyx looks like its gonna do a ton of damage to everyone involved. maybe OG, maybe DW, but its gonna hurt everything that goes near it. something like a 2 mana 2/2 deal 2 damage to all nearby spaces.

i like to think that ironclad will have an interesting effect. something like “minions damaged by this minion lose 1 movement”. they could call the buff “ironclad curse” and it would seriously hurt anyone but songhai.


Zyx… man I hope that isn’t a battle pet… I really do. He’s friggin awesome!

Maybe he has ‘Half-ranged’, can attack up to 2 tiles away. That would be sweet, and the lobbing exploding potion bottle would fit!


Oh man, it took me a minute to get it.
Haven’t laughed that hard in a while, still have a stupid grin on my face.
kudos to you sir!


This should be in the meme section lol


based on the sprites colors only:

Zyx: good for songhai

Azure: good for vanar

Bloodletter: good for abyss

Ironclad: Good for everyone lol


Hmm… These three look like the three disciples from Journey to the west. Zukong is Wukong (obviously), Soboro looks like BaJie, and the new Bloodletter looks kind of like Sha Wujin. Note the spade-like weapons.

The original Journey to the West Characters (from left to right: WuKong, SanZang on his horse/dragon, Bajie, and Sha Wujin)

In the Duelyst Lore, maybe one of the seven stars became a wondering monk, taking the role of SanZang. I wouldn’t be surprised if this group of characters wonder around together in the world of Duelyst, seeking enlightenment. Who knows, maybe Keeper of the Vale or Sunset Paragon is the horse/dragon!


The first Monthly card has been revealed!

Azure Herald!

My first thoughts as a Lyonar player: exit Fiz, enter Herald! This is exactly the kind of card that I can use. It’s niche to be sure and the low attack might be too much to bear, but I think this might be the ticket for Healyonar and maybe a bunch of control decks as well. Whaddayathink?


It’s good. But I’d stack it with Fitz ( Fiz ? I can’t remember ). Generally speaking a good card that managed to topple Healing Mystic, as long as you intended to heal your General.


It’s Fiz, Battle Pets always have a three-lettered name, with the exception of rawr.


Another great tool for heal Lyonar and overall a way for other decks to slow down. I really hope that this will be the card to make control more viable against aggro decks (especially in conjunction with healing mystic).


facepalm The dumbest part is that I know that BP all have three lettered names.


Azure Herald is not the buff control deserves… but it is happy to accept her anyway :smile:


I remember thinking I was wrong when I posted this.

I wasn’t.