Lets get serious: What the most badass attack animation in the game? :D


Duelyst has a lot of good looking powerful sprites going on all the time, specially when attacking: some rip opponents flesh off, others send you back to the origins of time with a falcon punch, others just do some jujitsu before dealing a zillion damage on you …

Thera are a lot, but whats your favourite?
That one card than when attacks you say “yeah, take this b**ch!”



I like Paddo attack animation






Where do I get those stuff?

PS.: Nimbus attack animation looks awesome


Gauj’s attack made my jaw drop when I saw it in the collection


but this site doesn’t have the denizen of shimzar cards…


Nothing comes even close to Black Solus, everything about it’s desing is just plain awesome.


That’s astral crusader right? I never saw that minion…


Grandmaster Zendo has the most badass attack animation.


Zendo all the way… You know they made some huge steps in pixel animation when you compare Elyx Stormblade and a guy flippin teleporting and slashing in one single attack animation.


cuz u never realize that the infinity symbol is actually a humanoid thingie


I was actually surprised when first saw it, i was like WOW!
Definetly in my top 10


Easily Paddo, that jump backwards and that spear twirl and throw is so badass


ruby rifter is really badass

but i think zurael the life giver kills it.


I like Solarius, that one made my jaw drop and I don’t even play Lyonar lol


Oh look, the right answer. And so soon in the thread.


Solarius or Grovekeeper


zurael is definitely it for me.


Artifact Hunter, pocket sand!