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Let's discuss irrelevant cards instead of cards in the coming expansion and Intensify


Why? just cause i guess. I just actually wanna talk about chakkram.

anyway here I’ll start:

man my opponent run this a while ago. 3 mana for 5/5 is pretty good imo. and if you have enough draw, not being able to summon it on some turns doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. What do you guys think?


Chakkram is a solid card in Maehv. Why? Because one of the best method of beating Maehv is just rushing her down because she is doing damage to herself. So players tend hit Maehv more often than other generals and that is what you need to get Chakkram out for 3 mana. Also Abyss 3 and 5 mana spots aren’t the best .You never want to play it as a 5 mana minion but in pinch you can play it. It is also pretty okay in Kara 4 mana 6/6 is strong. They are better things you can put in your deck but this card okay situationally.


man this had to be said. Specifically: why are abyssian sentinels so lame. xerroloth and tormentor -might- have been good but the stats are just so lame yo. with songhai you’re like "shit this spell is actually pretty OP if songhai uses it.

or with vanar it’s like “FUCK YOU THAT WAS MY MANA TILE” or like “punching this guy was the worst idea in my life”


When I first saw this card, I thought it was incredibly strong: a 5/5 for 3 mana is really good. However, it’s actually not that great for a number of reasons.

It it hard to play this card at 3 mana in the early game, because generals are typically fighting for board control at that stage, so going face is not a good strategy in most cases. In the mid-game and beyond this is just a vanilla minion: even if you play it for 3 mana, you likely have better options available


I’ve always liked Chakkram and have tried to get them to work in a Lyonar pain deck for quite a while but they never really seem to reliably pan out. Having cheap 5/5s is really good but it doesn’t seem to typically be good enough to warrant building a deck around it and dealing with its inconsistency. I’m going to give it another shot when Sellsoul releases because that’ll probably make it way more easy to discount. If forgot it was rotating, guess I’ll only be able to try it in the unlimited format.

Chakkram isn’t bad at all, Duelyst just isn’t very favourable to vanilla-ish stat sticks most of the time.


I should remind you Chakram is rotating out


oops. wrong topic


Chakkram wasn’t good because most of the time you couldn’t get it discounted early enough in the game make it a good early play. The only real time you could get it discounted and play it early, was if the opponent played Flameblood Warlock on their turn 1. Which doesn’t happen all that often. Any other time you got damage to the general is usually a bad play from newer players, like going turn 1 Phoenix Fire. Usually means that you don’t need such a minion even at 3 mana to outplay them because Duelyst is more than just throwing damage at the face every turn. Anything after turn 1, the card gets weaker because a plain 5/5 isn’t always enough to carry a deck to victory. Even if you can discount it later and play it along side another minion.


shit i didn’t know it was rotating out :frowning: . glad i crafted them before it became was unusable though.

like @gsvalhalla said, it’s next to impossible to play on t1.
but i pretty much disagree on it being a weak after t1. I found the sweetspot to be at 6 mana and above. dropping two of these is crazy good for regaining board control. You can also use your remaining 3 mana for a removal spell and i think that’s just really strong.

It’s not a game-winner, but it’s definitely good for board and tempo.

and furor chakram memes.


Didn’t say it was weak after t1, I said it gets weaker after t1. Since as more mana becomes available, you have more options to play better minions than a plain 5/5. The discount is good. But its one that you can’t control by yourself, although you can manipulate your opponent into doing it.


Every single person I play against in gauntlet seems to have one of these, but I still don’t like it in gauntlet. It’s clunky to play on curve and I’d rather have a big dude that doesn’t have a conditional effect in the late game.


Alright what about this guy? I almost never see this guy. Is the turn delay really that bad? I can see why no one played it at the time since azure summoning and golems were the bee’s knees back then. and then the next op meta was finality vaath that didn’t really need minions. so here we have this guy who’s literally: fuck you if you don’t have removal, but only if you actually use the board.

I haven’t really tried the minion ever, but isn’t this really good with LitD decks?
you removed it? okay that means I can safely put down a minion next turn.
you didn’t? bam litd. no minions no health game set fucking match. at least that’s how it plays out in my head. i’ve literally only seen this guy outside gauntlet once. and that was in silver.


The problem is that Thunderhorn > Wasteland Wraith in almost every situation.

  1. Wraith is an answer or lose your board threat but so is T-Horn.

  2. T-Horn can hit face, while Wraith can’t.

  3. T-Horn can trigger multiple times while Wraith triggers only once.

  4. Wraith dies to Natural Selection and Plasmastorm while T-Horn doesn’t

  5. Wraith leaves a miserable body when dispelled while T-Horn is built much sturdier.


I have played Wastland Wraith in a couple of decks.It is pretty hard to use effectively but I have played it in my control Ciyphron deck whose goal is reach turn 9 for Monthlitic Vision with very small amounts of success. So this is what the card is best at in my opinion.On Turn 1 you play a minion you don’t care about because you just want to grab the tile for Wasteland Wraith. Turn 2 when you grab the tile play the Wasteland wraith as far back as possible and move forward.This what it causes

  • The if the person removes the wasteland wraith you win they had to use premium range removal on a minion that is dying anyway and you have better threats in your deck and they likely wasted a turn.

  • More than likely the opponent isn’t going to do anything because any minion they play is going to die.That is the outcome you are looking for because you basically want to restart the game.With you having the attacking advantage.In most cases you will have a 5 mana turn because to stop you from getting the tile they have play a minion which would be a waste.

This is the only time Wasteland Wraith behaves how it is supposed to because some early removal can’t remove it and even if it can it is waste to use removal it. This card is case of why mess with already works in HS Doomsayer is a 2 mana 0/7 “At the start of your turn, destroy ALL minions”. The cost and the amount of health were key in the card working in HS. In Duelyst Wasteland Wraith comes out later and has less health which works against it.

The problem with card it is not really supposed to be removal.If the opponent has a massive board they will use removal to keep their board so playing it is a death wish in Duelyst especially with all the cheap 2 mana or 3 removal in the game. Wasteland Wraith is supposed to be a proactive stall card that discourages aggro decks from developing early. Wraith needed to be cheaper probably 2 mana or 3 mana so it could be played proactively early or combo with a another minion for the dilemma of removing it still leaves a board. Sporadically you finds points where you can play it or they don’t have removal but mostly this is not a good card because it is too expensive to be played proactively


forgot about t-horn.
@kirabi dang it does seem kinda lame when you put it that way.


I literally forgot that was a card.

Cool art though. He’s like “RAWR, I’m a stegosaurus, but instead of fins I have FIRE!!”


Yeah I remember playing it in the beginning but I could almost never play it in the early game because the early game is more about board control and than going face. So I cut it from my deck and I never missed it. For a 5 drop it is too weak.



alright ya ready for round 3?
artifacthai is popular. chakram is sorta popular. sajj is getting support. artifact sajj is making a comeback. So is this the time for these three cards?

dang tho, just learned rust crawler was a 2 drop with celerity. why’d they change it?


Don’t remember (or maybe it was before my time) but I guess Azurite Lion has something to do with it.

Anyway Droplift won’t see play, I’ve tried it in Artifact Vet and its just too niche of a tech choice to add into a deck.

Matter Shaper I have seen a small amount of. But like Droplift its a bit too niche to play, but better than Droplift.

Rust Crawler sees some play as a tech/budget choice because a 2 mana 2/3 is good enough and if its a deck that needs filler 2 mana minion. Its not a bad choice to go with.