Lethal Puzzle (Moderate)


You masterminds like figuring these out!
Definitely made me smile :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, if anyone has the solution to the daily challenge (Beastmaster + Argeon), would you be so kind as to link it, it isnt often I cant figure one out on my own but this one has me confused.


You have to heal Cassy with fiz, kill klaxon with your spells, divine bond beastmaster, kill one gnasher with sunstone, roar beastmaster, frenzy darkspine and frenzy the general.

It fucked me up as well for a while lol :smiley:

Is this possible without the first wish cycle?
I mean you have 13 possible damage, can’t see where i am missing something, since you can’t suicie aymara, can’t abuse Ooz since the extra creep doesn’t do anything (first thought it was azalea instead of blade and one could suicice aymara lol), am i missing sth?


Just goes to show how much additional depth Battlepets added to the game. This is a pretty simple lethal as long as you know how they work.


Oh right Ooz attacks aymara as the first action next turn, i am retarded lol.


Oh yeah, duh. Welp.


The daily challenge had me thinking for a while too, but eventually I got it. Took me 10 minutes in total I think, which is pretty long for a daily challenge


Yep. :slight_smile: Lethal (except for challenges) is no longer just what you do on your turn but “what you do on your turn + what your opponent’s battle pets do at the start of his/her next turn”.


Ohh, thanks for the help ^.^. I had an Idea that I would have to heal Cassy but was too stubborn to give her 2 health back xD