[Lethal Puzzle] Lilithe to move and win (Difficulty: 2/10)


A position from one of my recent Gauntlet games. Can you spot the lethal? It’s not difficult, but working it out in the time allotted for my turn was tough.


Yeah, this one takes a while to plan out. It looks like 18 total damage from what I saw.


Now I feel dumb cause I only see 16 damage


i just see 17 damage. is there really a way to deal 18?


I think I miscounted by mana. I forgot it’s 8 instead of 9.


Got it, but that’s not my idea of 2/10 =)

Well played, and show us a 10/10 difficulty one…


@bickel Did you think it was more difficult than 2/10? I think the primary difficulty is in visualizing the positioning in your head as you make the moves as opposed to which cards to play and in what order.

Given infinite time to stare at it, I consider this to be a mild lethal, which is why I rated it a 2 since everyone here has infinite time to play with it.

However, in the context of a game where you only have 1.5 minutes per turn, I’d probably have rated it 5/10 or maybe even higher. Maybe I should split the difference next time? :slight_smile:


I guess there weren’t many avenues to explore. You must hit face with silverbeak, that’s obvious, so you must move your general, you can’t kill an enemy minion with your general or other minions to make space so… Well, I don’t want to spoil it.

Finding lethal because someone’s told you it’s there is one thing - noticing that you have lethal in the heat of the moment another :slight_smile:


I had to re-think my sollution since I thought Silverbeak Had flying :sweat_smile:. Look at that sprite, though!


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that at first, It’s as if no one plays Silverbeak or something.


Silverbeak definitely got robbed - he has more wings than dust wailer and can’t even fly.


punch top left wraithling into rae(+1) move general to that spot and summon healing mystic near lilithe, attack face with wraithlings(+6) attack face with silverbeak(+6) cast necrotic sphere(+4) = 17 damage

that took me way too long for a 2/10. i demand it be bumped up to atleast a 5


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