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Lethal Puzzle - Kara to Move and Win


66% chance:
1: Just go face with echo for 6 dmg
2: Use kara to destroy the well to her right,
3:use the snowchaser to destroy the well to his right
4:Summon metaltooth on the space the well snowchaser destroyed used to be
5:Use jammer to destroy the well provoking metaltooth(you do this now to prevent the second tooth from spawning next to the 4th well)
6:trade into the discharge with metaltooth to get rid of that pesky well to the enemy general"s left
7:move the 2nd tooth next to the enemy general
8: summon silver above metaltooth(to the enemy general"s left)
9:trade tooth into the enemy general
10:move the first silver where tooth died and trade
11:move the clone of silver next to the enemy general to finish her off

This only has a 66% succeschance because silver has 3 spaces it can spawn in and one would cause it to be provoked by the last well
I am not sure if there is a 100% solution

This took me very long to figure out-probably the hardest duelyst puzzle i have seen. I almost failed because i did not pay enough attention to the idea of destroying a discharge to get rid of your own wells. There is no way i would have figured it out with the turn-timer


*actually easyer 100% solution:

1:place metaltooth to the top-right of the well above echo
2:trade into the discharge at the top of the center-columm. If the second metaltooth spawned in a way that makes him unable to attack the enemy general do it with that metaltooth
3: move the surviving metaltooth next to the enemy general
4:summon silver where your own gravity well used to be(which got destroyed by discharge)
5:trade with tooth
6:move echo where tooth used to be and trade
7:use your 2 silvers to finish the enemy general


That seems correct, I can’t understand your first line though? Silver?

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fixed-i meaned echo
Both are mechs and have silver color-so it is natural to mix them up k?

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I am sorry, I am only asking for clarity. It is a puzzle after all.

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  1. Snowchaser hits to the right.
  2. Kara hits to the right.
  3. Decepitbot hits general. (6)
  4. Echo moves up and left and hits general. (12)
  5. Summon Metaltooth up and right of enemy general.
  6. Summon Silver on one of the spaces the extra Metal could of spawned but didn’t.
  7. Hit general with the Metaltooth you summoned, opening up its space. (14)
  8. Move in the Silver you summoned and hit. (21)

Echo’s ability isn’t needed at all here, we just need a 6+ damage body there.

NM… didn’t not see the Decipibot was stunned.

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Deceptibot is stunned

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Can’t find anything that isn’t a variation on your second one. This way was easier for me to see because I could use enemy spawns as they are to see where was stuff would spawn. It meant my spawns each time were in 1 of 2 places, both of which were good.

  1. Summon Metaltooth to right of enemy general and hit with that Metal.
  2. Move Echo into that spot and hit.
  3. Move second Metal to spot above and right of enemy general, if it didn’t already spawn there.
  4. Summon Silver above Metal.
  5. Metal hits charge next to it, killing him and own grav well.
  6. Move Silver you summoned into grav well spot and hit.
  7. Move other spawned Silver into Metaltooth spot and hit.
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