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Lethal Puzzle #3 - Good old Polarity

Be aware, Kara’s BBS only worked for minions summoned AFTER the BBS. and Dioltas’ Tombstone is a 0/10.


Summon Sword of Mechaz0r above Dioltas,
Move Kara up and hit the left Ironcliffe with her and Dioltas,
Spirirt of the Wild,
Polarity Tombstone and the right Ironcliffe,
Clear both Ironcliffes with Sword and hit face with Tombstone for lethal.


Sounds correct!

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Hasn’t her BBS been retroactive since patch 1.82?

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I think I wrote it in a way people can misunderstand it, so I made it clearer now. You had to cast the BBS first and then the minions.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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