Let talk about Spectral Revenant


Nowadays, Spectral Revenant is most problem card for me (because I don’t have this card, haha). How can I handle against this card ?


Same way you handle any normal 7 drop? It’s a rush so you can’t cancel its effect. Or anything. There’s no hard counter besides stopping future damage via dispel.


There are many way to handle any normal 7 drop. But the big problem is it’s a rush so you can’t cancel its effect


Exactly. Soooo I don’t see why you’re expecting a magic answer from anyone here.

Here’s your answer though, beat them on turn 6~


It is very hard to beat Abyssian Generel on turn 6, because they have many heal card T_T


You can tech nightwatcher. He will disable revenant’s rush and without that he is a lot easier to deal with.


Depending on the faction you can either dispel/remove him after he does 4 damage to your general and removes one of your minions, try (and fail to) out heal the disheartening amount of damage you’re taking to kill him, concede or die.

Fun options


Or you could do what the guy above me said


Unfortunately, Spectral Revenant is a beast, you cannot do much against it. It will almost surely trade 2 to 1, while doing some face damage to your general. You need dispell or hard removals to efficiently deal with it, otherwise you are going to get hurt too much.

As a side note, I think the card would be much more balanced if it was reworded as “every time this minion attacks”, rather than “every time this minion deals damage”. It would be still very strong, but not so unfair.


Disenchant stuff, save Spirit, craft 3x SpecRev.


It’s a great card that’s hard to pre-empt. Maybe you can tell us more about what you’re playing? The way you deal with The Rev tends to depend on that.


My main decks are Golem Magmar and Arcansyt Vanar.


You shouldn’t be worryed about abyssian with plasma storms and makantors when you play magmar.
And definitely not when you play vanar’s faction removal.

I suppose they are budget versions obviously.


Damn, until this message I was really eager to help you, now, I’m just happy not to :smiling_imp:


As Magmar, save your Thumping Wave/Natural Selection for it when getting close to 7 mana. If they don’t play around your Makantor, smash their general with it and take it out with the frenzy. As Vanar, again, save your Chromatic Colds/Aspect of the Fox for it. Play as though they’re definitely going to play it, so don’t leave yourself on so little health it will kill you and have your answer ready.


As mentioned above: Play Nightwatcher. There are not many rush minions, but those that exist are played frequently. It’s a great way to stop this unblockable source of damage. As a bonus, you get free wins when you face obelysks.

For maximum effectiveness, play Argeon and make this a 4/4 nightwatcher. And then give it aegis.

Another option is to play way more conservatively. The largest mistake I see people make in this game is to hug the other general with your own. This only works out for one of the two players. When you face a deck that can swing lots of life points through heal or damage from hand (see: rush minions), then it will favor them. Distance yourself as much as possible from the opposing general. It is a bad idea to hug Abyssian, Lyonar and Magmar. Generally speaking, it is a good bet to hug vetruvians, vanar and songhai. Especially if you are playing your magmar deck. Adapt based on what your opponent is bringing to the table of course.


It’s my main deck because I have only Ancient bonds cards. Actually I want to change my main deck but I don’t have enough spirit and Bloodborn cards.


…and don’t let them ramp.


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