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Legion Brome deck help


What do you suggest to change?


This seems more suited as a wizard brome deck with 0+ minions.

Paging @doigoibosh, paging @salpanextry


I guess i need to put in minions than .
How would the deck look like if you would build it with the following design goal :
Spamm as many legions as possible with the aid of radiant standart and followup it with call to arms as early as possible to sent armys of crestfallen


@alphacentury wizard in training


Ah I see a fellow wizard looking for help! This is what I settled on for a similar list: https://duelystcentral.com/2018/05/11/may-18-power-rankings/#Wizard%20Brome

You can totally take out some random cards and put in 2 Call to Arms and the third Radiant Standard for a heavier top end, and a cool flashy finish :smiley: Pretty similar decks all in all, just Afterblaze, Manaforger, and Regalia didn’t make the cut for me.


Why scintilla?She messes up the radiance consistency.Can she be thrown out?


Yeah she probably can be throw out. I found the healing to be invaluable and the deck did a lot better with her in, but if you want to go all in on legion consistency then you can totally swap her out.


I guess i wasted 1800 spirit…call to arms is even more useless than i thought.


If you wanted to make call to arms work, I think you’d have to use manaforgers/abjudicators to get its cost down to six or less, start a turn with three more mana than the cost of call and at least two crestfallen in hand or a radiant standard equipped, cast call, cast conscript, and summon the crestfallen. That’d be a nine/eight/whatever-mana play that would give you three-plus 4/5’s with zeal: provoke. Considering how much work all that is, and that lightbenders and EMP’s exist, I don’t think it’s at all worth it.

What about a legion/mirrorrim/radiant standard deck that summons legions and crestfallen eternally and wins by healing and spamming dudes? Every mirrorrim permanently increases the number of legions in your deck, so between them and the radiant standards you could pretty much guaranteed get a legion and a squad of crestfallen out every single turn once things got rolling.

Without a lot of AoE your opponent would be hard-pressed to get any damage through to Brome when he’s constantly surrounded by provokers, and you’d be adding a huge batch of minions to the board every single turn to run them over with. I’d probably not make this a wizard Brome deck, just a normal minion-based deck without any three-drops besides the legions. Throw in some healing, some removal, and some aegis barriers and afterblazes to cycle…now I’m thinking about building this.

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