Legendary drop rate in packs?


Feels like I have opened about 20 packs and haven’t found a legendary in any of them, so I’m wondering if anyone has the proper data/info on this. Is there a pity timer ? a constant drop % ? how does this work ?


legendary cards are on average 1 in 4 packs for core, 1 in 5 for ezpansions.


Thanks for the info :open_mouth: I must be really unlucky then.
Is there any link where I can double check this or should I just take your word for it ? :slight_smile:
How about the pity timer, is there one ?


Just take his word for it there has been many tests on this. E.G @juveyd did a vid on this. Some guy bought like 800 packs and calculated it


there is no officail word on this, but it has been tested over many pack openings, so it si accurate, as for a pity timer, one does not exist as far as I’m aware.


Alright, many thanks ^^


What…? :no_mouth:


There is some crowdsourced info here : https://duelyststats.info/scripts/orbs/index.html
Courtesy of @t2k5


Is it just me or is the page kind of blank? I’m using chrome btw.
is it okay if you tell me what’s in it?


Should look like this :

(I’m using Chrome/Win last version 61.0.3163.100 )


Oh nice! thanks nward! dang tho that percentage is lower than I thought it’d be, though i guess it makes sense if you’re getting 5 cards every time.


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