Legacy of the Void



This deck is a follow up to my unsuccessful Heart of the Swarm deck ( Starcraft references, YEAH ! ) Heart of the Swarm - Abyssian Deck .

I do no know if it IS better, but, it performed better. Was it luck? Was it that my deckbuilding skills improved? Was it because I am still stuck in Silver? No one knows! But here it is, tell me how to improve it.

If you didn’t guess with the cost in Spirit, I’m on a budget! No DFC or anything fancy like that, just swarming and abusing the swarm.


If I were you I’d turn this into a standard variax ramp deck. Add 3x DFS, one more variax so you maximaze the chances of getting it out in on 5 mana. And the rest of the deck is basically just supporting that idea. Here’s one example of the deck:

Six cards I mentioned above are absolute core but the rest of the deck is pretty flexible. The deck is also considered pretty strong at the moment so that’s always nice.


I’ve been playing a similar deck lately in my slow push to diamond. Shadow watchers are terrible, too slow and only good because they demand removal. Not sure of the purpose of blood sirens.

For a Variax deck to be truly powerful you need to ramp her out. You have 3x darkfire, throw them in, along with a 3rd Variax for consistency. I have Kelaino and that new Abyssian healing card for stall until I get Variax out, and I found Gloomchaser to be wonderful, as it combos with bbs cheaply or is a good early play, and I found horror buster to simply be not that useful.

Take this as you will, just my 2 cents as I’ve been playing a similar deck. Main difference in mine is that I run Gor, and no inkhorns. Other wraithling combos are solid if you wanna try them out.


Ah well that’s too bad, I intended to make something Control-ish but with a swarm of wraithlings :confused:

@whyb0t Well, myself I wasn’t really sure about what was Shadow Watcher doing there so I guess I’ll replace it with something.
Blood Sirens are just pretty good all around I think, good enough stats and it allows you to attack the enemy General at no cost.
Horror Buster, eh, I just wanted to include it. Whatever it transforms, it usually is pretty good if comboed with Gloomchaser.


That deck is exactly that. Only difference is how unlike your usual swarm decks it doesn’t rely on cards that interact with swarm minions like DFS, Grimwar, Void Steal etc. but rather on wraithlings themselves. The deck isn’t just about spawning two 5/5s when able, it’s about getting lots of wraithlings out and turning them all into 5/5s.


Well, I’ll give that a shot then.


@dewize yeah, I just feel as though there’s better options for those. Instead of siren you could have Zyx or Furosa or Cryptographer or Gor, all of which combo nicely with your goals. You don’t need to hit the General for free because you’re building a control deck, not a burn deck.

Horror Burster is fun but I just couldn’t feel like it was effective. A 6/6 isn’t a downgrade on anything really, but i just felt like the space in the deck was better taken up by spheres or Rites or more healing or swarm or whatnot. Personal choice I suppose


Hmm, I completely forgot about Cryptographers. They’d probably be useful enough.


I actually cut them from my deck but I wanna put them back in. Pretty mediocre as a 2 drop, simply giving a weak body and an extra place to toss a mana next turn, but late game can allow you to drop 4 5/5’s.


Crypto is amazing in swarm decks, lilithe in general even. Only situations where it’s bad is when you play it T1 going left, and even then with 2 hp it will probably survive to contest the mana tile.


Well, I modified my deck to ramp Variax earluer and it worked pretty well. Included Cryptographer and it pretty much won me the game.


Post the updated version, got to make sure to eliminate those sub par cards from the deck if there’s any and ensure the maximum winrate percentage.


Here it is. Not much that changed.


It’s definitely better but you’re still running some bad cards and are missing card draw. Inkhorn and Soulshatter specifically really have no place in the deck. Having 5 (8 if you count lures) forms of hard single target removals is too much as well. Horror Burster isn’t all that optimal too.

To make things simpler, I’d just copy the deck I linked above. And if you lack some cards put in cards with the same role. Other than that, only notable thing I’d change is removing lightbenders in favor of ritual.


Will make those changes later, I’ll post when I’m done.


He’s right about changes to add effectiveness, but feel free to also make the deck your own. Horror and Inkhorn might not be ideal but if they’re fun and you can use them well, why not. Imo take soulshatter out for sure, if you want to use deathwatch as a secondary win condition try to throw in a DFC or Grimwar. I’m loving using Variax, I can post my list if you want


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if you have spirit for DFC, this is the deck i am actually using in S-Rank,

i am actually 10-2 with this deck, i started to use it recently so still isn’t a big sample but i think it performs pretty well, I don’t know if Horror Busters are optimal, maybe replace them with sojourners (i am open to suggestions).


Well, I only have budget cards and haven’t opened Furosa yet so IDK how to replace what you put :confused:

@whyb0t What’s efficient is fun iMO so I’m fine with that. Post the decklist if you wish, I am here to take feedback and inspiration :wink:

@blacknight69 Too expensive, I still lack spirit. But I appreciate the feedback.


Shouldn’t it be called heart of the swarm???