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Leaving the ladder queue losing you games



So again I’ve queued into the ladder to have the game look for my opponent for well over a minute (even though the average time was supposed to be 8 seconds) and eventually I got tired of waiting so I left the queue only to later find out that it actually did find me an opponent to whom I lost because I wasn’t present in the game. I don’t mind waiting but would it PLEASE be possible to make it so that the game doesn’t throw you into a match even though you have left the queue or at least add some indicator into the main menu that you have a game running? I’ve manage to lose several chevrons to this thing already.

Operating System:

Windows, though I imagine it’s happening on all OS

System Specs:

Multiple machines

Game Client:

Browser, haven’t played on the standalone in some time but I do remember it happening there as well.

Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Queue
  2. Leave queue (I imagine it’s happening when you leave the queue around the same time the game finally manages to find you an opponent - but it doesn’t bother telling you that immediately so you leave the queue without even knowing you’re actually already in a match with someone.)
  3. Look into your profile for a replay of a lost game that you don’t even remember playing
  4. Enjoy watching your general concede after several seconds of inactivity