Least favorite noise in Duelyst?


Real quick! Duelyst has a lot of different sound fx, which one, for whatever reason, bothers you the most?


Starhorn walking


Klaxon’s scream.
Saw her face and thought she would make generic female voices. Turns out she has the most disgusting screech in the entire game.


the scream is cool as fuck what the fuck are you smoking


Phoenix fire. Naturally I don’t hate the sound itself but what it represents.

Also TIL Klaxon screams.



or at least the old one, I don’t know if they’ve changed it. Last time I saw a jax was before skorn came out.


White widow’s death


No one… ¬¬
Since a previous patch my local installation of duelyst is mute.
I’ve removed it completely a few times, but is still the only one game that plays no sound in my PC >.<


I haven’t heard anything for 4 seasons, since I started listening to my gaming playlists…

I think the music and sfx are fine, but they don’t mesh well with my chill mix!

Though, I guess I’d have to say the sound of the other player winning… :wink:


The earful of clusterfuck that occurs when you Tempest a board full of minions.


That grating sound when your Aymara gets egged.


I play the game muted, so i can’t tell :stuck_out_tongue:


The defeat sound :stuck_out_tongue:


i don’t really like that armored walking sound. since it’s used for mechs, argeon, and kara, it represents everything i hate about the game


What does that sound like? I’ve never heard it :wink:


The sounds it makes when you’re trying to click away the endless pop ups after game (rank change, quests completed, first win, two games won, crates, etc) but you can’t because you have to watch the whole animation :sweat_smile:.


Healing mystic attack sound, it’s cool but way overused on too much unit. I’d like much more diversity and not recycling sounds.
It breaks card identity


The sound of chakri avatar dealing 25 million light years damage to your face.


Shiro Puppy’s movement. I always think I just got a message