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Launch Failed! file sharing



Launching fail

Operating System:

Windows 7

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Bug Report Details

after finish downloading it says launch failed and start to download again. i went to my user file>counterplay , the duelyst file only has these 3 files (content_resources_200_percent.pak ,content_shell.pak,d3dcompiler_47.dll) and there is another zip file that unable to open due to file sharing issue. is it the install pack cant be extract?

edit: i was able to play until yesterday
Steps to Reproduce:


Does re-downloading resolve the issue?


nope… i still cant open the zip file. it shows this :
Could not open C:\Temp\ContinuousTests-master.zip.
Probable cause: file sharing or file permissions problem.
*im using winzip


I’m confused? Does re-downlading from duelyst.com not fix the issue?


Its jus fixed. My pc suddenly went blue screen and forced to restart. It runs afterwards. I didnt re-download this time. Really thankful for your fast reply. Still wish you guys will be able to know the reason. Anyway will Duelyst be available on steam soon? Good luck further.