Last day to sign your team to Team Wars 3!


Team Wars Season starts this sunday and today (friday 25th) is the last one to register for this league.

For those still unaware what is this?

This tournament is all about finding the best team. How? Simple, we make them fight one another using all the factions over a long period of time.

In order to win each match, teams must win a game with all six factions. After 7 weeks of bloody war the surviving teams, that being the ones who won the most, will fight under slightly different circumstances in order to reach the finals.

So if you are dedicated and have some friends with you, you still have time to register your team by sending a message to me or PiepusBartus on our dircord server before midnight EDT (around 24 hours after this post). You’ll also find all the rules and infos on this server so check it out :slight_smile:

For those who can’t join, be sure to come see us sunday on the livestream (at around (1:30 pm EDT) . Another post will be made before the start.

See you there :slight_smile:


woop woop should be fun especially after himzar