Laptop overheating when playing duelyst solutions?


Hi there awesome Duelyst community!

Duelyst is my favorite game but when I play it my laptop gets crazy hot.
I play all sorts of what I would have guessed was more graphically demanding games with no problems at all. I know there is a lot of fancy special effects to Duelyst’s 2.5D (?) action but even with all the settings on the lowest I feel like my laptop is at risk of overheating components. I know there is a killswitch system in place in most computers to auto shutdown if the heat gets above a certain temperature. But it might not account for daily overheating just before killswitch level.

Ah anyway, just wondering if anyone knows why this happens with Duelyst (out of pure lust for knowledge).
And secondly if anyone has any tips on things I can do/buy to help keep my computer cool while playing Duelyst? …or if I should just give up Duelyst until I can afford a desktop computer in order to ensure the survival of my laptop?

(Laptop specs if they have any relevance: (Not a custom gaming laptop by any stretch but does the job for most games)
Lenovo X230
CPU = intel i5-3320M (2.6GHz,2.6GHz)
OS = 64bit Windows 7
HDD = 160GB (less than half full))

Love you guys!


Duelyst is fairly lightweight on my PC. It would help if you could test what games you can play without it overheating (it’s a surprise that Duelyst does tbh), like maybe League of Legends, Counter Strike, etc.

In any case, I can give you a few tips:

  1. Play on a solid, flat surface, not your lap/bed/etc. Maybe you’re just blocking a vent or two. Also, some CPUs come with built-in software (bloatware maybe) that will adjust your cooling system depending on your laptop orientation. I’ve found this software more detrimental than good in my own experience, but that might just be me.
  2. If you’re willing, look up your laptop’s assembly manual on google, and then take your laptop apart carefully. Do this in a well lit, cleared-out area. Remember where all the screws are, don’t unplug a component without reading the manual first, remember where everything is plugged in/refer to the manual. You don’t need to completely dismember your laptop, but you want access to your CPU and fans. Buy a compressed air can and blow all the built up dust out of your laptop, which may be preventing your cooling system from performing at its best. (The orientation you blow the air out of the can actually matters. Again, reading the directions on this step is crucial for not accidentally messing up your computer).
  3. Consider getting a laptop cooler to place your laptop on top of, although I wouldn’t recommend this for your laptop.
  4. Run Duelyst by itself, make sure you’re not running other CPU “intensive” software, like maybe Chrome, Word, Skype, etc.
  5. Last resort, get a better specced laptop. Amazon and other tech retailers are about to have back-to-school laptop deals, and you’ll definitely be able to find an all around decent laptop for sub $500 that can definitely handle Duelyst. Don’t forget to check the user reviews!


I have the newest Macbook Pro with the best specs possible and I also have this issue. But it’s much better now. I have tried Duelist some time ago, but it was unplayable for me at all. However, although it is better now, in the sense that I can actually play game without my laptop nearly exploding I still can see high usage of resources. It is somehow better when I play it on bootcamp’ed win 10.

It is also not my laptop’s problem, tried this also on macbook air, gaming msi dominator and dell xps 15 - same thing.

So there is possibility it is not your fault. I would try standard stuff mentioned above.

When I was desperate I cooled laptop with ice, but you know - its bad… Clean it as dust is killer.

As for the new device - do not buy desktop just for Duelist - it is rather lightweight game that should run on most newer terminals. Even you laptop should handle it without problems.


Well, you’re definitely not alone.

I don’t think the game is optimized well at all. :slight_smile:



I have encountered the same problem and was able to fix it. I am a layman when it comes to computers, so I hope I can explain this well enough. You have to make sure that your are using your GPU and not your ‘Integrated Graphics Card’ to run Duelyst. You can do this in your GPU’s control pannel. I have to do this after each update, because it somehow resets for me.

I also bought a laptop cooler and had no overheating issues since.


Personally I am running the game with my dedicated graphics chip. Duelyst is pretty hungry nonetheless.


This is also a good rule of thumb for most graphical issues you might encounter. You should always use your dedicated GPU if you have one, and may solve your heating issue.


Thanks Calamitydusk for your thorough advise. I’m aware of 1 & 4. (but it’s really good advise to list so do really appreciate it).
I’ll give 2 a go, but it will probably take me some time to do the proper preparations so I don’t mess it up eh!
I have bought a laptop cooler just yesterday (as it also comes with an extra 4 USB slots that would be very useful to me) I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t recommend it ‘for my laptop’?


Thanks Gamb! After a bunch of searching I have come to the conclusion that I don’t think I have a GPU…?
In device manager under display adapters is listed only "Intel® HD Graphics 4000"
which I’m assuming is the built in low end graphics processor…
Looks like I need to take Calamitydusk’s tip number 5 and either get an external gpu or a whole new computer to solve the overheating issue. f(;;^ - ^) 'Mo money mo problems, no money no options to buy new computers haha gotta start saving that ¥

I’ll see how far my new laptop fan cooler gets me but if my computer melts then I got to buy a new computer anyway so will be able to choose one that can run Duelyst at least :stuck_out_tongue:

[for anyone else having a bit trouble locating the GPU control panel like I did (I had deleted the shortcut when I first got the laptop):

Click the “Start,” “Control Panel” and “Appearance and Personalization.”
Click “Display” and “Change Display Settings” in the left pane.
Click “Advanced Settings” to launch the dialog box for your display adapter.
Click the tab for your graphics card, and then the “Graphics Properties” button to launch your graphics card control panel. ]


Well laptop coolers actually aren’t as useful as some people think. It’s reasonable to assume that most, if not all, laptops have a decent enough cooling system to handle the hardware that comes with them. Usually, when you find your laptop overheating, the problem is something to do with #1/#2 I mentioned above. Getting a laptop cooler, while it isn’t a bad idea, doesn’t actually fix the issue by adding an external fan to your system. Rather, it’s more about enabling a good flow of air underneath your laptop that can be fed into your laptop so that the cooling system can do its job. An external fan doesn’t help this much, but a raised platform with mesh and holes that allow air to pass through does.

Basically, if you need a laptop cooler, then you’re either not following #1 or your laptop/hardware is crap. (Again, laptop coolers are still useful and I use one myself, but they shouldn’t be your go to fix for an overheating laptop.)

Anyways, I could be missing something and I don’t mind admitting it, but I do hope you get your issue cleared up.


I finally had the time to try calamitydusk’s tip #2 of taking apart my laptop to de-dust it with a compressed air can. I am pleased to say it helped a lot! Thank you so much!

I actually ended up quitting Duelyst until I had the time to solve the issue because when I downloaded and ran a hardware monitor it told me I was running at about 101 degrees ©. Originally I thought I might be alright because my computer would auto-shutdown if it was dangerously hot but then I read that auto-shutdown threshhold is usually set around the 105 degree © mark so I was constantly running as close to the threshold as possible which as I suspected was not very good for my laptops components long term.

Some of the videos on youtube I looked up didn’t even take apart their laptops and used the air can to blow through the external vents (but using a pin to stop the fan from spinning so it doesn’t create current) so this might help those who are looking for a temporary solution. In my case I found most of the dust was actually formed under the fan intake which has a very fine mesh so it was essentially completely blocked. Even though I took my laptop apart and cleaned the inside of the fan (as much as I could) the most blocked area was actually accessed from the outside.

Now my laptop seems to have stabilized usually running about 85 degrees © while I’m playing Duelyst. (Another contributing variable to take into consideration when weighing up this solution is the drop in air temperature of the summer 25-30 degrees © to now the winter 10-15 degrees ©)

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this thread! I hope it can help out anyone else in my situation.
Peace and Love


didnt really read all but was about to say my pc is the king of overheating 2011 lenovo pc battery dead so needs to stay plugged in my quick fix solution was to take a straw (can tape half end or not) and just blow hard several times to where the fan release the air just probably dirty and i do this every 2 to 3 weeks… its just a cheaper way to do things


Your PC was at a heat that could boil water?


My bedroom has no insulation or heat, so during the winter, my laptop has to run at below freezing