Lancer Fiend (card concept)


Shadowlance Fiend
Cost - 6
Minion - 4/4
Opening Gambit - Deal 5 damage to any minion in front of this and turn 3 spaces in front of it into shadow creep.

took me a while but I wanted to try to make a cool abyssian card concept. I’m not great at pixel art but this was really fun to do. I do kinda suck at balancing cards for sure so if anyone has suggestions im down.


That better be dealing damage to enemy minions only or else you’re gonna want to make that a 7 drop bud. :kissing_heart:

Cool idea, though having it make the 3 spaces in front of it become creeps would fit with the lance better

If you want to keep this as a six drop, then just take off it’s airdrop. That’ll make it possible to play against


ah good ideas. Thanks :smiling_imp:


Say you’re not good at pixel art, but that’s really well done. Nice artwork


But he’s right. He’s not good at pixel art…

he’s great!


He’s cool!

Looks like revenant stole lava lance from magmar and somehow lost his arms

I like it


Well I said im not great at pixel art. I’m decent enough to make some stuff. I would like to improve and become more efficient but it just takes practice.


Feel like this card would be better if it were Opening Gambit- “Deal x amount of damage to an enemy in front of this where x is the amount of minions that died this turn and create shadow creep on the 3 spaces in front of this minion”


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