Ladder Has Gotten Really Tough


Maybe its just variance, but I got my main account to S rank pretty quickly this season, but I can not for the life of me, get my other account past rank 1! Anyone else feel like ladder has gotten harder? Admittedly I’m not playing tier 1 decks, but still, that hasn’t been a problem in the past.


If you can get to 1 you can also just as easily get to 0. Ladder hasn’t suddenly gotten tougher out of nowhere.


You’re right. I was just throwing that out as a hypothetical. But, I do think there are a lot more optimized decks around now. It used to take me anywhere from 70-95 games to hit S, but I’m sitting at 105 right now at 1 and 1 chev. Its probably just variance…or Songhai.


when in doubt, blame those sneaky ninja wizards


It may be that later in the season there is a larger pool of S-rankers for top diamond to play, but early you play more diamond than S, which may make matches harder.

Just a wild guess…


At least it feels like that right now. Last month i made rank 2 easily with about 100 wins but couldn’t reach S in time due to no inet for 2 weeks, the month before i made S rank with relative ease but this month it seems that i am unable to win more than 2 games without losing just as many. I got to rank 4.4 a freaking 5 times last Saturday and ever single time i tilted back to 4.1 or 4.2.

By now i made rank 3 but climbing further is huge pain. The last few months the way up to rank 2 was a breeze but this time… no clue whats going on right now. The first 2 weeks were as usual then i got that fat tilt from 4.4 back to 5.0 with cass and since then the little bit of skill i had seems to be gone completely :confused:


those god damn sneaky ninja wizards


I guess it’s not jsut me, been running around with my custom Sajj decklist and Ive been stuck at rank 3 for 2-3 days, rank 1 for 2 days + and dropped to rank 2.4 . Guess you’re not alone :confused:


I’m assuming it could be number of factors. Like say matchmaking optimization, Players gearing toward climbing the ladder in the 2nd half of the month, and in my opinion a good suspect could be the new Humble Bundle promotion giving new players a bigger edge in deck their pool.


It’s my first season playing Duelyst, but I noticed a distinct decrease in wins around 1 week ago. I climbed to rank 1 and 3 pips after a fair grind (so close), but now things have taken a turn for the worse xD dropping 2 ranks over the last week and each game is much more of a struggle to win :slight_smile: would’ve liked S-rank on my first season, but I suppose I should just be glad to have some challenging games at my rank. Still have a long way to go in terms of finding the optimal play in less time. Does not mean I’ll stop trying :)>


Ok as an update to this post, I got S rank for the second time in 120 games. Admittedly I wasn’t playing tier 1 decks, but I wasn’t memeing the whole time either. To put this into perspective it usually takes me between 70-95 games. Maybe its variance or maybe just maybe, I suck. But we did it boys. Good luck on your climbs.

If anyone is interested I did the climb from 1 to S with Mid Magmar